Minecraft™ Game Design
& Plugin Development

1 week • 9am-5pm
Teens • Ages 12-17
Beg – Adv
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Use Minecraft™ to Make Your Own Game

Learn to use Minecraft™ not just as a game, but as a game maker.

Work as a Team, and Try Different Project Roles

Take on the role of game designer, level designer, artist or programmer and bring your game to life.

Learn the Skills to Take a Game to Completion

Like a real game studio, use game-design docs, professional workflow and playtesting.

Course Overview

Customize Minecraft’s look and play to create your own game or world Adventure Map. Learn how to use resource packs and how to install and control plugins on local server that you can take home. You’ll work with three to five others who share your interest; together your team will bring a game to life. Each student plays a special role in the project, such as designer or programmer.


At DMA, we realize that everybody needs time away from technology – especially teens. That’s why, along with lunch, DMA students enjoy two breaks each day, when they can hang out and socialize with new friends or take part in a wide range of recreational, team-based and character-building activities.

Course Details

  • Age: 12 – 17
  • Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced
  • NoPrevious Game Design or Programming Experience Required

What You’ll Learn

  • Use the Minecraft™ engine to create games
  • The game design and development process
  • Designing a complete and engaging game experience
  • How to make games fun and playable
  • Basics of object-oriented Java™ programming
  • Software: Minecraft™, Adobe® Photoshop®, World Edit, MCEdit, and LearnToMod

What You’ll Create

  • A new Minecraft™ Adventure Map, A Minecraft Server, Basic Minecraft Server Plugins

Required for this Course

IMPORTANT: All students are required to have an active Minecraft™ account for this course. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ at minecraft.net. Students need to bring their account login when they attend DMA.

Skills and Experience


Real-World Skills

  • Game design and development
  • Teamwork and collaborative project organization
  • Product testing

Personal Development

  • Project planning and development
  • Learn creative problem-solving skills
  • Understand the benefits of critical thinking

Instruction & Staff


Our average student-to-staff ratio is 7:1 and in some cases, this ratio is even lower. DMA’s instructors include industry professionals, technology educators and talented upper-level university students who have a genuine passion for the subject and a demonstrated skill for teaching, mentoring and inspiring. Learn more about our outstanding teaching staff.

Project-Based & Personalized Instruction

DMA provides hands-on, project-based learning that accommodates a wide range of abilities. Most of our courses are for beginner through more advanced students. This, along with a very skilled instructional staff and low student-to-staff ratio, allows us to individualize lessons, customize the learning experience and offer plenty of personalized, one-on-one time for each student.


Mei H, Minecraft Game Design Student

Sample Day

Time Activity
7:30 am Enjoy a Healthy & Delicious Breakfast (For All overnight students and Stanford Extended Day Add-on Students)
9:00 am Hands-on Tech Instruction & Creation (Learn & Understand)
10:30 am Outdoor Break & Chill Time (Teen Meet & Greet)
11:00 am Hands-on Tech Instruction & Creation (Application & Guided Practice)
12:00 pm Enjoy Lunch (Meal Provided with Lunch Plan add on & Stanford Extended Day Plan Students Only)
1:00 pm Hands-on Tech Instruction & Creation (Create, Test, Evaluate & Improve)
2:30 pm Outdoor Break & Chill Time (Teen Meet & Greet)
3:00 pm Hands-on Tech Instruction & Creation (Review & Share)
5:00 pm Student Pick-up
6:00 pm Dinner for Overnight Campers and Stanford Extended Day Students Only
7:00 pm Supervised recreational activities include optional gaming tournaments, sports and movie nights. (In some cases, students can continue working on their projects.)
11:00 pm Lights out for overnight campers


Are students playing Minecraft™ all day?
No. The majority of the camp day is spent creating games, not playing them. However, part of the day is devoted to playtesting. This is where students and their classmates play their games and offer constructive feedback to help improve them.
Why is an active Minecraft™ account needed for this course?
If you have an account, you’ll be able to test and continue to play and develop your game when you return home. Plus, it’s needed for you to develop your game. The Minecraft™ account should be set up prior to attending camp.
Is Minecraft™ gaming experience required?
No, not at all. We’ll show you the basics of Minecraft™, but we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game ahead of time. Many students come with years of experience, and you’ll want to hit the ground running.
What is an Adventure Map?
An Adventure Map is a Minecraft™ map that is actually designed to be played as a game. Examples of adventure maps include, a parkour course, dungeon-crawling adventures, mini-games, puzzle games and more. Some students have even recreated complex games like Legend of Zelda and Pokemon in Minecraft™, too.
Who Should Attend?
This course is obviously perfect for Minecraft™ enthusiasts, but it’s also ideal for future video game developers and designers. Want to take your Minecraft™ experience to the next level? We’ll show you how.
So my child is going to be 12 years old during the time of the camp. Are these teen camps appropriate?
Since your camper is 12, they actually have the option of doing either the Adventures or the Teen programs. It is a matter of preference and comfort. The Teen programs are generally more fast paced and complex than the kid-friendly Adventures programs. If your camper is comfortable around older kids and maybe has some experience with computers and technology they may find it more beneficial to participate in the Teen programs.
Are these camps overnight?
For teen campers ages 12-17 we do have the option of adding the overnight stay. This is available for an additional cost at certain locations. If this option is not available or not added, the camps are run as day camps Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.
I am interested in selecting some camps for my teen. How do I proceed with the registration?
Registration can be completed online through our website from start to finish. You will be asked to create an account with your information and your child’s before processing a payment and finalizing your selection. Registration can also be completed by calling 866-656-3342 and speaking with a Guest Service Representative.
Why are some of your camps more expensive than others?
Our camp prices are determined by age range. The different categories are Junior Adventures for ages 6-8, Adventures for ages 8-12, Teen for ages 12-17, and Pro for ages 15 and up. Based upon how old your child is, that will determine what your base tuition cost is. Certain course options will be extra.

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