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St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford

STEM Professional Development Courses

Professional Development for Educators at the University of Oxford

DMA is excited to offer a week of professional development courses this summer on the St. Hugh’s College campus at the University of Oxford. This year, we are offering four courses during the week for educators to help expand their digital skillsets and orient them to Silicon Valley learning methodologies. These one-day workshops will be offered during the week of July 31st, with sections running on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday before we invite local parents and students to our Maker Playground open house on Saturday August 4th.

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Join us the week of July 30th for a professional development workshop or our Maker Playground event.

Integrating Maker Education at Your School

We’ve all been hearing about the Maker Movement, actively creating instead of consuming. In this one day workshop, we’ll take a look at how schools are approaching computer science and engineering education to stay in line with the evolving job market and makers of today.

Digital Media Academy’s Curriculum & Instruction Team will share their approach to Maker Education, having participants understand the essential elements of project-based learning and design thinking. Learn to seek curiosity in your students, find projects that hold a purpose and make a difference, embrace failure as fearless creators, and how to facilitate instead of control. Finally we’ll learn a formula to use when writing a maker lesson plan, each get to write and pitch an actual lesson idea, and give each other feedback.

Session Information:
One-Day Workshops: July 30th, July 31st, August 2nd, or August 3rd
9:00am – 5:00pm, St. Hugh’s College at Oxford University

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St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford Campus Facts

Founded in 1886, St. Hugh’s College became an institution dedicated to providing education to women who were otherwise excluded from Oxford. Today, the college provides quality education to men and women from all backgrounds. As one of the largest colleges at Oxford, St. Hugh’s College serves over 800 students each year. In addition to its storied history as a hospital during WWII, St. Hugh’s College has also been a home to a number of prominent alumni, including Aung San Suu Kyi, an activist and fighter for human rights, and Theresa May, politician and former Prime Minister.

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