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Adventures in Engineering

Explore. Design. Launch.

Interested in becoming an engineer, scientist or architect? Begin your journey here. You’ll get hands-on project experience all while building and designing your way to the perfect circuits, bridges, and rockets. No engineering experience needed, just a desire to learn!

Learn the basics of electrical engineering using the the SAM Space app and Inventor kit from SAM Labs to build awesome projects, inventions, and hacks. Then become a rocket scientist when you launch virtual rockets into space using Kerbal Space Program® to explore the world of space flight; then put that research into practice by building a physical rocket and launching it into the sky. Finally, design, build and stress-test your very own physical and virtual bridge. Find this camp near you >>


Course Details

Learn everything you need to know about Adventures in Engineering.

Program Info

Ages: 8 – 12
Hours: 9am – 5pm
Tuition: $965
Lab Fee: $45

Hardware + Software

Apple Computers
Kerbal Space Program
SAM Labs Inventor Kit

Learning Outcomes

You’ll discover how electrical circuits work as well as the basics of space flight physics and structural design. You’ll learn the basics of what it takes to be an engineer!

What You Create

You’ll create a bridge out of K’Nex, experiment with electrical engineering in hands-on projects, and build your own physical water rockets.


Skills + Experience

Get ready for a fun and meaningful camp experience through project-based learning.

Learn Robotics + Engineering

Our Robotics courses teach kids the basics of design-thinking while tackling engineering challenges like building a functional robot or designing a rocket. The Adventures in Engineering class starts with the basics of electrical engineering using the Inventor kit from SAM Labs to complete circuits. They’ll move on to rocket science as students experiment with Kerbal Space Program to launch virtual rockets and eventually design and build afunctional rocket. Finally, students will explore structural design by designing and building virtual bridges before moving on to stress-testing their own physical models.

The Adventures Experience

Our Adventures camps give elementary level students, ages 8-12, a meaningful, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of technology and design-thinking methodology; challenging them to collaborate with their fellow campers to create solutions to real-world problems.


Find This Camp Near You

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Kerbal Space Program and hands-on rocket building was so fun!

Christian T.

Adventures in Engineering Student


Camp Overview

Take a look at your camp schedule, learn more about tuition, and explore add-ons.

Sample Camp Day

8:00 am Drop-Off
Beat the traffic! Drop off anytime between 8:00 and 9:00am.
9:00 am Hands-on Tech Instruction
Learn + Understand
10:30 am Morning Break + Outdoor Activities
11:00 am Continued Instruction + Creation
Application + Guided Practice
12:00 pm Lunch Break
Bring your own or purchase a lunch plan, available at select locations.
1:00 pm Back to Camp
Create, Test, Evaluate + Improve
2:30 pm Afternoon Break + Outdoor Activities
3:00 pm Continued Instruction + Creation
Review + Share
5:00 pm Student Pick-up
Running late? Pick up as late as 5:30pm.

Tuition Includes

Google Apps email account + unlimited cloud storage
Personalized feedback + Project Achievement Report
Certificate of Completion
Digital Media Academy camp t-shirt
Personal Apple workstation for camp
 Low staff to student ratios

Add-Ons Available at Checkout

+ Lunch: Add lunch so you don’t have to bring your own!*
+ DMA Online: Choose a course or subscribe to learn at your own pace.

*Meals available at select locations

Why DMA?

You can count on us to deliver on all the things that truly matter. We pinky swear.

Top-Notch Staff

Educators, artists, and talented industry professionals with a passion for STEM education.

Well-Balanced Experience

Our students enjoy a balanced camp day with both in-class lessons and outdoor activities.

Project-Based Learning

Our curriculum sparks curiosity, builds confidence, and fosters teamwork and collaboration.

Safety Matters

Our staff is First-Aid + CPR certified and have completed national background checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAM?

SAM is a smart construction kit consisting of SAM blocks which connect wirelessly to the SAM app, helping you create awesome inventions, hacks, and projects that empower students to create anything. Learn more at

What is Kerbal Space Program?

Kerbal Space Program is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space. DMA uses this game to teach the fundamentals of rocket science in a controlled environment. Students will practice designing aerodynamic rockets with multiple stages to successfully launch their own shuttles.

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