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What’s New For Summer 2018

We’re rolling out some exciting new Adventures, Teens, and Pro Series courses along with all of the favorites you’ve come to know and love over the past sixteen summers. There’s something for everyone in each of our six DMA Learning Pathways.

New Courses, Better Pricing, Same Great Camps!

All-Day Camps for Kids

You asked, we listened. Our Jr. Adventures program now runs from 9am to 5pm, with flexible pickup anytime after 3pm.

Online Tutoring

Continue learning all year-long after summer and learn from a tutor to support their STEM learning goals.

New World Class Locations

Choose from even more locations including SFSU, UMass Boston, and more.

Experience DMA Studios

Experience life as a professional creative with DMA Studios. The DMA Studios experience is designed to take students’ knowledge and passion for creation and technology to the next level. Through uniquely designed two-week experiences – students are given the opportunity to create professional-level work in a simulated, professional studio environment.

DMA Studios: Music & Audio Production

Two-Week Camp • Ages 14+

DMA Studios: Game Development

Two-Week Camp • Ages 14+

DMA Studios: Film Production

Two-Week Camp • Ages 14+

DMA Studios: Animated Short Film Production

Two-Week Camp • Ages 14+

New STEM Courses for 2018

AI & Machine Learning

Using systems like neural nets and special algorithms, programmers can teach computers to do things like recognize faces and images, play games, or find complex patterns.

Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

Create your own artificial intelligence! Discover how to create animations, stories, and games while learning how to code using Scratch.

Tech Entrepreneurship

Take an idea from concept to pitch. Students will discover their passion and make a positive impact on their community by identifying a problem that a digital skill could solve.

2D Animation & Digital Illustration

Students learn to use Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony as they get in-depth look at the professional animation pipeline, focusing on illustration and pre-production.

Game Design with Roblox

Learn how to use Roblox Studio to create your own levels, environments, and worlds.

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

Students will create ciphers and encryption algorithms set up and apply modern day encryption techniques. Then, learn basic programming techniques to encrypt secret codes and messages.

Mobile Journalism

Students learn to use photos, video, and 360 images to tell important stories and build newsworthy, engaging content that educate and engage the viewer.

Made By Girls: Game Design with Unity

Girls build the games, characters, stories, and worlds that they want to see! Students learn the essentials of game design by harnessing the power of the Unity Game Engine.

YouTube Video Production

Become a filmmaker as you shoot and edit your own original films while learning the concepts of cinematic storytelling, including sound production, editing and more.

Data Science Basics

Students learn the basics of data science — from collection to analysis.

DMA Studios: Game Development

Led by a professional game developer and using the Unity game engine, students work as a team to create an entire game from start to finish based on a potential client’s expectations.

DMA Studios: Music & Audio Production

Students work in teams to experience a professional music and audio production environment to record a live artist or produce sounds and music for video games or films.

Choose a University Location Near You

Students get to live, learn, eat, sleep, and create at 20 distinguished college campuses across the US and Canada.