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Music Production Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

Music Production Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

Music Production Summer Camps

Professional instructors with real-world music production experience teach you how to record, mix, edit and produce digital music.

In this DMA Learning Pathway, teens age 12 to 17 learn key music production concepts like songwriting and musical arrangement, in addition to learning how to create/modify sounds and even program drum beats and patterns. The entire process of making digital music is explored here.

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One-Week + Two-Week Courses for Teens  •  Ages 12-17

Electronic Music Production Academy

Learn how to use the music industry’s most important audio tool: Ableton™ Live and techniques like layering, mixing, and sampling. Create and modify sounds and make your own beats and samples.

Electronic Music Production with Ableton

Learn electronic music production concepts and create EDM beats with layering, mixing and sampling techniques used in genres like House, Trap and Dubstep using Ableton™ Live.

Audio Engineering & Songwriting

Create soaring melodies, pumping bass lines and epic solos. Discover the process of music production, essential music theory, and how to compose music using the Hookpad editor.

DMA Studios: Music & Audio Production

Using industry-standard instruments and audio software such as Ableton Live, you will create your own tracks, and mix and master songs according to real-world client scenarios!

Adventures Camps

One-Week Courses for kids; •  Ages 9-12

Adventures in Electronic Music

Get into the rhythm of Adventures in Electronic Music Production as you learn how to use professional music recording software and much more!