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Meet the Team

Summer Staff

DMA hires hundreds of tech educators from all over Northern America to lead, empower, encourage, and inspire the thousands of students who come through our summer camps each year.

Many of our summer staff have grown up with us – starting as campers and going on to become teachers assistants, instructors, and camp directors.

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Corporate Team

Our year-round staff holds down DMA’s corporate fort in Los Gatos, CA. We’re a crew of gaming enthusiasts, photographers, makers, tinkerers, techies, film junkies, and kids-at-heart.

Bill Bishop

Chief Marketing Officer

Olivia Carrion

Guest Services Manager

Liam Dempsey

Director of

Marcus Duvoisin

Assistant Director of
Curriculum + Instruction

Hubert Eulalia

Logistics Manager

Rachelle Harding

National Camp Director

Erica Holloway

Hiring Manager

Nathan Horton

Director of
Human Resources

Ryan Koss


Dave Livingston

Director of

Paul Lopez


Luis Martinez


Palmer Mitchell


Vedika Narayanan

VP Sales +
Business Development

Sijiao Ren

Sales Development Representative

Victoria Samoray


Shane White

Assistant Director of
Curriculum + Instruction

Our collective passion for inspiring the youth to excel in science, engineering, technology, and digital arts is fueled by curiosity and our own desire to create the next. Join the team! Check here for career opportunities >>


Digital Media Academy was founded in 2002 by Phil Gibson who at the time, was working within Stanford University’s Academic Computing Department. Since then, Gibson has remained at the helm of the company, supported by a seasoned Board of Directors, year-round corporate team, and seasonal summer staff.

Phil Gibson

Founder + President

Dave Livingston

Director of Instruction

Amy Gibson

Member of the Board

Tom Wolsky

Senior Instructor

Beth Corwin

Senior Instructor