Made by Girls

Made by Girls is a program at Digital Media Academy dedicated to empowering girls. Our courses provide a safe learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science.

Classes are led by female mentors dedicated to serving as role models and building a supportive community for girl learners. We believe we can make a difference in helping girls realize their potential and encourage them to express their creativity every step of the way.

MBG at Google I/O

We were lucky enough to be invited to Silicon Valley’s largest technology summit – Google I/O! Check out the photos to see the Made by Girls team at Google as they unveiled new products, software, and much more.


Introducing Divinity ROXX!

Meet Divinity Roxx! Best known as Beyonce’s former bassist and inspiring role model, Divinity is now an official Made by Girls role model! Stay tuned for more info about our partnership with Divinity Roxx as summer approaches.



Adventures & Teen Camps

Ages 8-17


Adventures in Programming

Create video games and character animations using Scratch™. Then move on to Processing, a simple programming language used for getting students introduced to Java™.

Academy for Java™ Programming – Made by Girls

Learn the basics of Java™ programming and move on to master more advanced topics that will enable you to create your own apps or games.

App Development for iPhone® & iPad® – Made by Girls

Develop Apps for Apple’s® mobile devices using industry-standard development tools such as Swift.

Programming with Java – Made by Girls

Prep for the AP Computer Science Exam while learning the basics of Java programming and building a foundation in computer programming.

Wearable Tech & Fashion Design

Discover where design and technology intersect. Use 3D modeling software and create their very own virtual clothing. Then create personalized pieces of wearable technology, using new skills in programming and circuitry.

Breaking Barriers

Project-Based Learning

An empowering curriculum and student-led projects puts girls in charge. Classes conclude with a final project in which girls can see the results of their hard work.

Fostering Collaboration

Girls thrive in collaborative environments. Our instructors balance lectures with engaging demos, activities and opportunities for shared experiences with peers.


Instructors are enthusiastic and encouraging about student ideas and are conscientious of girls’ need to be heard. Many of our instructors are women who are pursuing careers in STEM topics and want to inspire a new generation of women in STEM.


Our exclusive classes for girls build a community in the classroom and are led by our inspiring female instructors. Girls are also always welcome in our co-ed classes, where we continue to foster an environment of inclusion and sensitivity.

Thanks for Attending!

On Saturday, December 5th, brilliant woman working in animation, virtual reality, tech education, design and mapping converged with girls from throughout the Bay area at The Girls’ Middle School in Palo Alto, Calif. to share how they bring their personality and passion to their work in technology.

Being a role model to me means being me and showing them that there’s not one type of girl who codes.

We learn new things together and got the chance to help each other.

It was WONDERFUL, I think it made me feel more comfortable in the environment.

I like that I can learn as much as I’d learn in a class in school in one week instead of one year.