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Study Abroad with Digital Media Academy

Whether you’re a single student or part of a larger group, Digital Media Academy is an experienced host to students joining us from all over the world. Since 2002, DMA has hosted international students and groups from the far corners of the globe – including China, Japan, and the UAE.

Our programs take place at some of the top university campuses in North America, offering international students a blend of cultural immersion and STEM learning along six Learning Pathways; including Programming, Filmmaking & Photography, Game Design, 3D Modeling & Design, and Music Production. Students are immersed in learning through a blend of classroom instruction and public excursions to famous cultural landmarks and historical sites in locations such as Washington D.C and the Silicon Valley.

The International Experience

Experience a new culture while taking cutting-edge digital media classes in the US & Canada.

UAE Ministry of Education Students learn 3D Modeling & Printing

STEM Courses

Our classes encourage students to become global citizens through the integration of design-thinking methodology into our curriculum. We use project-based learning to teach programming, artificial intelligence, VR, 3D printing, animation, and more

Cultural Immersion

Take classes and socialize with students from all over the world! Our programs strive to engage students and foster a tight-knit community. Groups will have the opportunity to see new places while being exposed to new cultures.

MBG Role Model Cait Powell

Leadership + Communication

DMA also provides customized STEM immersion experiences that combine digital media projects and soft-skill training in topics like leadership, public speaking, and ESL.

Customize Your Camp Experience

At DMA we work with international students and groups to create custom programs for the ideal student and staff experience. We offer a variety of services to choose from to accommodate the needs and preferences of each group:

+ Transportation services to and from the airport
+ Customizable meal plans to meet food requirements and preferences
+ Experienced translators to provide guidance in the classroom
+ Year-round programs to accommodate school & holiday schedules
+ Siteseeing, campus tours, and off-campus activities
+ DMA Online courses to prepare students for their learning experience

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