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Filmmaking + Photography Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

Filmmaking + Photography Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

Film + Photography Summer Camps

Experience digital filmmaking or learn professional photography and Photoshop® techniques with hands-on, in-class and field-based instruction. Photography students discover how to capture images, create vibrant and professional digital photos, understand color theory, and discover the masters of modern art. Film students will be immersed in the entire production process, from screenwriting and storyboarding to shooting, editing and post-production.

In this DMA Learning Pathway, students will learn how to get out of “automatic” shooting modes through personalized lessons and professional instruction. Learn the skill sets needed to succeed in the multi-trillion-dollar entertainment business.

Teen Camps + Academies + DMA Studios

One-Week + Two-Week Courses for Teens  •  Ages 12-17

Filmmaking  Academy

Learn and explore filmmaking in this two-week academy that gives students the chance to make a film using professional Canon® HD cameras, lighting and audio equipment.

Intro to Filmmaking

Become a filmmaker as you shoot and edit your own original films while learning the concepts of cinematic storytelling, including sound production, editing and more.

Advanced Filmmaking & Visual Effects

Understand visual effects as you explore high-end audio and lighting kits, cinematic nuances like color grading, and motion graphics.

Digital Photography & Photoshop

Learn shooting and Photoshop® techniques from instructors with extensive photography and photo-editing expertise.

DMA Studios: Film Production

A hands-on experience that reproduces what it's like to work for an independent film studio. The "crew" produces a film under the guidance of industry professionals.

Content Creation & Streaming with YouTube and Twitch

Become a content creator on YouTube and Twitch. Grow your audience, create videos, and learn to customize your channel.

Adventures Camps

One-Week Courses for Kids  •  Ages 9-12

Adventures in Animation

Discover how animators at Pixar™, Cartoon Network™ and Disney™ create animated movies. Take home a stop motion short film at the end of the week.

Adventures in Filmmaking

Learn to shoot and edit your own digital films while learning acting and camera techniques, and exploring editing concepts and basic visual effects.

Jr. Adventures Camps

One-Week Courses for Kids  •  Ages 7-9

Jr. Adventures in Acting & Filmmaking

Shoot, act and edit your own films while discovering how movies are made. Learn the fundamentals of acting and filmmaking, as they learn to compose a story.