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DMA Online:
Fundamentals of Python

Code. Run. Python.

Get a foundation in programming by learning the fundamentals of Python including variables, loops, functions, and more using the python programming language. Python is an excellent language for beginners and is easy to learn with a simplified syntax. Watch short videos to learn the materials then face challenges, like writing programs in the browser, to practice your new skills and master the content. Before you know it you’ll be reading and writing code like the pros!


Course Details

Learn everything you need to know about Fundamentals of Python.

Program Info

Ages: 10+
Cost: $95
Hours: Any!

Hardware + Software

DMA’s Learning Management System

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn how to program functions, loops, operators, reading and fixing errors, inputting, outputting and more.

What You Create

Each student will create several Python programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need Python installed on their computer?

All challenges in this course are done with a IDE that is embedded in our DMA Online platform. Students will not need to install Python on their computer, they just need access to a web browser. If students do want to install Python, there is a tutorial on how to do that in the course.

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