Fundamentals of Minecraft™

Online Course
Ages 10+
Beg – Inter
NEW FOR 2016!

Get Introduced to
Game Design

Discover the foundational elements of designing games, by creating in Minecraft™.

Prepare for Summer, Skills for Life

Understand Minecraft™ basics with this course, custom designed to help you excel at DMA this summer.

Test What
You’ve Learned

Watch short videos, then put your new skills to use by completing challenges.

Course Overview

Whether you’re coming to DMA for modding or game design, taking the Fundamentals of Minecraft™ will give you the basic knowledge required to start camp this summer with confidence, and help you make the most of your DMA experience. Dive into the anatomy of Minecraft, learn about resource packs, Redstone, Adventure Maps, and more. You’ll get special access to DMA’s Minecraft server and will work through most of the course there.

Course Details

Camp Prerequisites

  • Age: 10+
  • Skill Level: Beginner–Intermediate
  • No Programming or Minecraft™ Game Experience Required

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply game mechanics to your Minecraft™ creations
  • How resource packs change the look of Minecraft
  • Effective strategies for game and level design
  • Using Redstone to create clocks, traps, doors and more
  • How to turn your game ideas into compelling experiences

What You’ll Create

  • Solutions to Minecraft™ challenges

Required for Course

IMPORTANT: Students must have an active Minecraft™ account set up prior to taking this course. You can purchase a Minecraft™ account online from

Skills and Experience


Real-World Skills

  • Video-game design and development
  • Storytelling and communication skills
  • Game art creation
  • Teamwork and collaboration


  • Minecraft

Personal Development

  • Project planning and development
  • Understand the benefits of critical thinking
  • Master creative problem-solving skills


Where do students take the course and what do they need to take it?

The whole learning experience is delivered over the Internet through DMA’s online Learning Management System (LMS). All you need is a PC or Mac, an Internet connection and an active Minecraft™ account. Unlike DMA’s other eLearning courses, much of this course actually takes place inside of DMA’s Minecraft™ server.

Why should students take this course?

If you don’t have any previous Minecraft™ or game creation background, it’s a great way to get the experience you need to take a class that you might not be able to take otherwise. Prepare for your camp experience and gain some valuable skills at the same time.

Which Minecraft™ course will this prepare me for?

All of them! We focus on Minecraft™ basics here, such as crafting. Then you’ll move on to more advanced Minecraft™ topics, like creating resource packs, some modding and Adventure Map game design. If you are trying to prepare for a DMA Minecraft™ modding course, we recommended you also take Fundamentals of Programming.

Why should I take this course before coming to camp?

This course is designed to bring more casual players of the game up to speed with the “power users.” Minecraft™ is extremely popular among teens and many come to our summer program with an in-depth knowledge of the game.

How long are DMA Online courses available for?

DMA Online courses are available for a minimum of one year after release. Courses will only be deactivated if they become too out of date or technologically infeasible. If you purchase a DMA Online course and can’t complete it in a reasonable amount of time before it is deactivated, we will be happy to move you into a related and more recent course free of charge.

At least one month before a course is deactivated, notice will be given on the course’s page on DMA’s website as well as in the course itself.

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