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DMA Online:
Java Programming for Minecraft Modding

Mod. Program. Minecraft.

Learn the basics of Minecraft® Modding and Java® Programming by adding new blocks, items, and recipes to the game. Learn how to read Java code and adapt it to create new content for the game. Using photo-editing techniques, create new textures to make your mod truly unique and personal. Join the thousands of people in the Modding community and take your gaming to the next level! Register for this course >>


Course Details

Learn everything you need to know about Java Programming for Minecraft Modding.

Program Info

Ages: 10+
Cost: $95
Hours: Any!

Hardware + Software

DMA’s Learning Management System

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn game design fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and bug testing.

What You Create

Each student will create a Minecraft Mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need a Minecraft account to take the course?

A Minecraft account is NOT needed in order to complete the lessons and challenges in this course. All work will be done using a de-compiled copy of Minecraft, but this game will not be a full version of the software, and will therefore not be able to go online and play like normal. In order to use your mods on your regular version of Minecraft, however, students will need a Minecraft account, which can be obtained at

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