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DMA Online:
Fundamentals of iOS App Development


Code. Test. Create.

In Fundamentals of iOS App Development students will learn to make apps for Apple® devices like the iPhone and iPad using Swift and XCode. Learn how to create simple interfaces, manage multiple views and graphics. Watch short videos and immediately put your new skills to the test by completing challenges that strengthen your foundation in the basics of programming like variables, functions and logic. Finally, take the first step to being a professional App Developer and test your apps on an emulator or put them directly on your own device! Register for this course >>


Course Details

Learn everything you need to know about Fundamentals of iOS App Development.

Program Info

Ages: 10+
Cost: $95
Hours: Any!

Hardware + Software

DMA’s Learning Management System

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn functions, loops, operators, creating layouts, basics of Xcode, data types and more.

What You Create

Each student will create Apple iOS Apps.

*Apple device applications can only be created using XCode, which is only available for Mac OSX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my student need an Apple device or Apple computer to make apps?

Apple device applications can only be created using XCode, which is only available for Mac OSX. In order to create apps, students will need to have a computer with Mac OSX and the latest version of XCode. Apps can be tested without a mobile device, but students will need an iPhone or iPad if they want to use their app on a phone or tablet.

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