Fundamentals of
Game Level Design

Online Course
Ages 10+
Beg – Inter
NEW FOR 2016!

Real World Challenges

Explore the game design process and learn what makes a great level

Learn What Professionals Use

Unreal 4 and Photoshop are tools all professional game level designers use daily

Learn by Doing

Watch short videos, then immediately put your new skills to use by completing challenges that build up your skills

Course Overview

Build a foundation of game level design skills by exploring the process from conception to completion. Learn what makes an interesting level and how to construct it inside the Unreal 4 Game engine. Build custom textures in photoshop to apply to walls and objects. Create dynamic lighting, and beautiful terrain to put the finishing touches on your level.

Course Details

  • Age: 10+
  • Skill Level: Beginner–Intermediate
  • Software: Unreal 4, Adobe Photoshop
  • No Previous Art, modeling, or game design experience necessary

What You’ll Learn

  • How to navigate and use the Unreal 4 Game Engine
  • How to create custom terrains for your level
  • Basics of photoshop to create custom textures for your level
  • How to create a level in Unreal with dynamic lights
  • How to package a playable level

What You’ll Create

  • A playable 3D level in Unreal 4


I don’t have a copy of Adobe Photoshop or Unreal, can I still take the course?

Absolutely! Adobe offers a FREE 30-day trial of any of their applications found here. Additionally if you wish to purchase, Adobe offers a generous education discount for any teen enrolled in school. Unreal is free to download and use for educational use as well!

Where will this course take place and what do we need to take it?

DMA Online courses are accessed through our online learning platform, all you need is a computer with Internet access. Once the course is purchased we will send you the URL and login.

Why should my student take an online course?

These courses are designed to be fun and to explore a potential career path at the same time. They also prepare a student who is attending our camps this summer, and ensure they maximize their experience while attending.

How long are DMA Online courses available for?

DMA Online courses are available for a minimum of one year after release. Courses will only be deactivated if they become too out of date or technologically infeasible. If you purchase a DMA Online course and can’t complete it in a reasonable amount of time before it is deactivated, we will be happy to move you into a related and more recent course free of charge.

At least one month before a course is deactivated, notice will be given on the course’s page on DMA’s website as well as in the course itself.

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