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DMA Online

Online Courses. Real-World Skills.

DMA Online courses are the perfect resource for students looking to learn tech skills on their own time. Whether you are preparing for a week at camp, looking to extend your knowledge, or trying to discover new interests, DMA Online provides the perfect self-paced experience for independent learners. 

Our courses are designed by DMA curriculum developers to allow students to learn at their own pace while also solving real-world challenges with the support of a community of other students and instructors. Our fundamentals courses will give students an introduction to course subjects and prepare them for a week at camp, while other courses go in-depth into advanced topics for students wanting more.

Students have access to DMA Online courses until December 31, 2018.


Online Courses. Real-World Skills.

Experience DMA Online courses at anytime from anywhere. Recommended for learners age 10 and older.

Learn By Doing

Focus on solving the real-world challenges that tech professionals face on a daily basis.

Unlock Badges

Students will unlock achievements and badges as they progress and complete courses.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Watch videos and complete course projects on your own schedule.

Engage with a Community

Join a community of DMA students and instructors who are developing valuable tech skills.

DMA Online gave me the preparation that I needed to feel comfortable and get ahead in app development this summer!

Marcus B.

DMA Online Student


DMA Online Programming Courses

Fundamentals of Programming

Learn programming basics while completing digital logic games and coding exercises.

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Learn the basics of computer science with several programming languages.

of Python

Learn the basics of Python for web and game development using coding concepts.

Fundamentals of JavaScript

Develop a working knowledge of Javascript by creating a basic video game.

of Java

Discover object-oriented programming concepts while learning Java programming.

Game Programming for Unity with C#

Dive deeper into the world of game development with C# and the Unity game engine.


DMA Online 3D Modeling + Design Courses

Fundamentals of Visual Effects

Learn to use Adobe After Effects to add titles and other effects to your videos.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Build your design skills while using Adobe Illustrator to finish real-world projects.

Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Maya

Create your own 3D models and environments using Autodesk Maya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for DMA Online courses?

DMA Online courses are best for learners 10 years old and above.

Where will this course take place and what do I need to take it?

DMA Online courses are accessed through our online learning platform. All you need is a computer with Internet access. Once the course is purchased we will send you the URL and login information.

How long are DMA Online courses available for?

DMA Online courses are available for a minimum of one year after release. Courses will only be deactivated if they become too out of date or technologically infeasible. If you purchase a DMA Online course and can’t complete it in a reasonable amount of time before it is deactivated, we will be happy to move you into a related and more recent course free of charge.

At least one month before a course is deactivated, notice will be given on the course’s page on DMA’s website as well as in the course itself.