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Coding on the Southside

Hey, what’s up, everyone! My name is Andrew Malo. I am an early childhood educator and a DMA veteran. You may have seen me teaching the little kids the past 6 summers at the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Harvard, Duke, or University of Texas - Austin! I’m going...

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Filling the Void of a Traditional Classroom

How Outside Agencies like DMA Meet the Demands of Ever-Changing Tech Industry Standards A debate is raging in America as to the state and future of our education system. It seems like classrooms are becoming more packed with students as budgets are cut and teachers...

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Learning Through Play

The Value of Games Like Minecraft and Roblox as Learning Tools I remember afternoons when I was in grade school. They consisted of me rushing as fast as possible to get my homework finished so that I could run to my room and play video games. They were also filled,...

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Create a Paper Circuit Pin

Light up a robot in this fun activity from our friends at SparkFun We are excited to be attending the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington D.C. this weekend! For those of you who are paying us a visit, you'll be able to do this paper circuit...

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Career Advice: Growing Your Network

In every career, you’ll have interactions with other people in your industry. People who either provide the foundation for your work or take what you’ve done and help it progress towards a finished product or service. You’ll interact with people who...

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