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3D Modeling + Design Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

3D Modeling + Design Summer Camps

Unique STEM Courses For Kids & Teens

3D Modeling & Design Summer Camps

Use professional 3D modeling and design software and hardware to create computer-generated imagery (CGI), 3D printed prototypes, wearable technology, or polished digital illustrations in DMA’s popular 3D modeling and design courses.

The Camps, Academies, and DMA Studios within this DMA Learning Pathway are designed for kids ages 9 – 12, teens ages 12 – 17, and adults who have artistic aspirations and creative storytelling skills, and want to develop or advance their skills in animation, 3D game design, graphic design or wearable tech design.

Teen Camps + Academies + DMA Studios

One-Week + Two-Week Courses for Teens  •  Ages 12-17

3D Modeling & Animation

Using Autodesk® Maya® and Adobe® After Effects®, learn industry-standard 3D modeling and animation techniques from experts in CGI (computer-generated imagery).

3D Modeling
with Maya®

Learn to use Autodesk® Maya®, the industry standard for Hollywood artists who design, model and animate computer-generated characters for films and video games.

Character Animation with Maya®

Learn how to create, model and animate 3D characters using industry-standard tools. Bring your digital assets and ideas to life by creating an animated sequence.

2D Animation & Digital Illustration

Students learn to use Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony as they get an in-depth look at the professional animation pipeline, focusing on illustration and pre-production.

3D Printing
& Product Design

Use cutting-edge 3D-printing and modeling technology, and explore industrial design by modeling objects in the computer. Learn how to prepare and print 3D creations.

Graphic Design

Learn from professional artists to create design projects: Logos, print, typography, color, and photo retouching while using Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator®.

DMA Studios: 3D Animated Short Film Production

Discover the production process of creating a 3D animated short film with the same professional software used in the industry. Immerse yourself in an environment simulating what it’s like to work in an animation studio.

Adventures Camps

One-Week Courses for Kids  •  Ages 9-12

Adventures in
3D Printing & Modeling

In this course, you will explore what 3D printing is, become familiar with the different types of 3D printers, and learn how 3D printing is already reshaping our future.

Made By Girls: Adventures in Wearable Tech & Fashion Design

Combine fashion design and electrical engineering to create virtual clothing designs and wearable technology in this exciting introductory course.

Adventures in Animation

Discover how animators at Pixar™, Cartoon Network™ and Disney™ create animated movies. Take home a stop motion short film at the end of the week.