It’s November 1st and our camp schedule has been released. We are excited to offer a number of new courses and new locations, as well as better pricing to make our camps more affordable with no hidden fees. In addition to our camps, we are also offering an Online Tutoring service that students can take advantage of to receive help from our expert team of instructors. In this post, I’ll be highlighting a few of our new courses and new changes you can expect from DMA in 2018.

New Up-Front Pricing!

This year, we’ve done the math (so much math) so you don’t have to. What you see is what you get when you look at our tuition – no more lab fees, no hidden processing fees. The only cost increases are up to you when you select upgrades like Overnight Housing or DMA Online.

We’re excited to expand the offerings for our Adventures Kids Camps, Teen Camps, and Pro Courses. As the months go on, stay tuned to our blog for more insight into our new locations, new courses, and new offerings that DMA is working to provide for our students. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

New Courses, New Experiences!

Our Instructional team has been tasked with creating courses for 2018 that don’t just give students an awesome experience building tech skills, but also challenge them to think more widely about the role of tech in their community, and how they can be a driving force for positive change. Our full list of courses can be found on our New for Summer 2018 page, but I’d like to highlight just a few that stand out as truly unique offerings.

First, our new DMA Studios courses in Game Development and Music & Audio Production give students something they’ve been asking from us for a while now. After our students learned the skills in our one-week camps or two-week Academies, they’ve desired an opportunity to develop a final project with real-world value. In DMA Studios courses, students work as part of a production team, taking on a role that they would experience as professionals in their chosen career path. Led by an industry professional instructor, students work as a team to create either an entire game, a short film or music video, 3D animated short, or music for a film or game. Whatever their passion, we want to give them the experience they need to develop the confidence and skills to succeed.

Another set of courses that we are really happy to announce are our BYOD or Bring Your Own Device courses. These courses are meant to rely on student’s own devices for content creation and focus on subjects that require a mixture of tech skills. In the first, Mobile Journalism, students will take on the role of a Mobile Journalist and Photographer as they learn to use mobile devices to capture, produce, and broadcast compelling stories. Using the power of photojournalism, video clips, and even 360 images, students will tackle the challenge of what makes newsworthy and engaging content for our new media world. In our second BYOD course, Tech Entrepreneurship, students will learn to identify problems that can be solved with tech solutions. You’ll learn to develop your ideas using design-thinking methodologies, pitch them to a group of peers, and eventually try to solve a real-world problem. Regardless of the course you choose, you’ll hit the ground running and experience something truly unique.

We have a number of other new courses that I would love to describe in detail here in this blog post, but there’s just not enough time. All our new courses can be explored in detail on our new course pages, and I’ll take some time to highlight them in more detail in the coming months before camp starts. As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact us!