Jared Sanchez, a 16-year-old from LA, has about 5 years of Graphic Design experience. This summer he just got a whole lot more, at DMA’s Graphic Design class hosted at Stanford University.

DMA student Jared Sanchez
Jared (right) with Graphic Design instructor and DMA curriculum developer Marcus Duvoisin, with one of Jared’s many creations behind them.

How’d you hear about DMA?
Well at first I was going to go to SCAD, it’s a design program in Georgia. But we decided to look around locally. I live in L.A., and chose DMA’s graphic design class up at Stanford. We just decided to go for it because it sounded interesting.

This is the first graphic design course I’ve taken. But I’ve been doing it for about four or five years; I was self-taught before I came here.

Jared Sanchez designs an ad for outdoor company The North face, backed by a sepia-toned mountain range, a rock climber reaches horizontally from beneath an overhanging cliff face, the word ADVENTURE crosses over one leg and under the other, as if the athlete is literally climbing over his adventure.
This ad for The North Face captures all the high adventure of the famous outdoor equipment brand.

Did you learn anything new in this class?
I learned some effects that I didn’t know how to do. I probably would have learned how to do them on my own, but it wouldn’t have been as quick or efficient.

We did 3 or 4 practice projects a day, and I learned quite a few shortcuts as well. So this class definitely helped with my overall workflow process.

Jared Sanchez DMA graphic design Hope poster copy
This “Hope” poster of Leo was Jared’s favorite graphic design project at DMA.

What was your favorite project that you worked on?
I definitely liked doing typography. Learning how to do the “Hope” style posters was probably one of the most interesting for me though. That’s actually one of the things I really didn’t know how to do. Like I found a way to do in Illustrator and photoshop just messing around by myself before we did the poster, but once our Instructor Marcus showed us how to do it, it was a lot easier, faster, and looked a lot better than the way I had been doing it.

Jared Sanchez graphic design Leonardo DiCaprio
Here Jared channels Andy Warhol‘s famous silk-screening method for another look at Leonardo DiCaprio.

Is Graphic Design what you’d like to do as a career?
Yeah Definitely Graphic Design or photography. I’ve been doing digital photography for a about six months. I get these random spurts where I only want to do photography when I’m in a dry spell while designing.

As someone who’s been designing for a while, did this class meet your expectations?
I did like the class because it’s what I expected, in a sense. I didn’t expect it to be so introductory at the beginning, but then I realized there are new people who’ve never done this before which is really helpful for beginners. But after the first lesson, it started picking up pretty fast.

Jared Sanchez designs an ad for snowboard company Burton, where amidst a spray of white snow, a snowboarder performs a handstand at the peak of a snowy mountain, the word SNOWBOARD overlays the image, but is overtaken by the action of the extreme athlete in front of it.
Another thrilling “action” ad by Jared, a powerhouse look at Burton snowboarding.

Even though I was a bit more advanced than some of the beginners who had never done graphic design before, Marcus would come to me on the side and alter what he was teaching to make sure that I was always learning and staying engaged and letting me do extra projects.

I knew if I took the class I would be able to perfect some things I already knew how to do, and I had a feeling it would really help out my workflow.

To see more of Jared’s action advertisements, digital art, and even t-shirt designs, check out his portfolio at https://jaredsanchez.carbonmade.com!