This past week, Made By Girls Spokeswoman and Role Model Divinity Roxx made a special guest appearance at our camps at NYU. Roxx, former bass player and musical director for Beyonce Knowles, is preparing for a massive European tour. She took time out to thrill our students with her magnetic presence and natural enthusiasm. Enjoy this account by DMA instructor Matt Obst!

By DMA Instructor Matt Obst

Having Divinity Roxx come to DMA NYU was an amazing experience! Divinity was incredibly humble and down-to-earth as she took time to talk to individual students from each class and see what they were doing.

Divinity Roxx with DMA students
Rock star bassist Divinity Roxx hangs out with the Music & Beat Production course at our NYU campus!

Not only did she pay a visit to our Music & Beat Production course, she also took the time to visit our Robotics and our Minecraft students.

A couple of standout moments were when Julia from our Arduino robotics class showed off her robot that she had decorated to appear like a Pokemon. Then Kenny from our Minecraft/Java class shared an amazing in-game museum he made where he displays custom blocks he created. Each block represented a different musical. He even included a DMA-decorated box. Then Divinity suggested a box from the musical Wicked!

Divinity Roxx with DMA student at NYU
Divinity took time to talk to students and listen to the beats they’ve been producing in their DMA class.

Divinity also took time to meet with the girls and boys from our iOS programming course. That’s where we got some great shots of Divinity with the Made By Girls-clad young women from that course. They showed off their app designs and Divinity seemed quite impressed.

Last but not least, Divinity spent a lot of time with our Music and Beat Production course. She listened to each of the students’ remixes of her song We Are and she appeared quite impressed by the diversity of music and the changes that were made. I really enjoyed when she listened to the music from Angel, a student who came all the way from China to take our course!

Divinity Roxx at DMA NYU 2016
Divinity Roxx is a great Made By Girls Spokeswoman and Role Model. These DMA students agree!

One of the boys from the class was bold enough to spit some rhymes improv-style – and Divinity did the same. We caught some of this on video and it was just fantastic to see the creative juices flowing in this exceptionally open learning environment.

Photo credits go to three students from our digital photography class who came in to shoot stills and video of Divinity’s visit. This sort of collaboration between classes is really just icing on the cake at DMA NYU, where collaboration is key!

Divinity Roxx in Washington Square Park
Getting guest visits by high-profile role models? Just another fun part of the DMA experience!