It’s official: This year’s biggest video game phenomenon is Pokémon GO!

Pokemon Go at DMA camp at Univ of Houston
Pokémon GO characters are being spotted everywhere – like at DMA’s camp at the Univ. of Houston!

The augmented reality video game sensation (developed by Niantic, Inc. for The Pokémon Company) was just released on July 6th of this year.

It’s been out less than a month, but more than 40 million players have already downloaded the game, with no signs of its popularity dropping.

Pokemon Go at DMA camp at Stanford
Pokémon GO is taking over our Stanford tech camps – one player at a time! (Photos by Alex Shinder.)

Pokémon GO fever has spread everywhere, including to Digital Media Academy tech camps. Students are getting into the game BIG TIME at many of our campus locations!

More Than a Game

Pokémon GO is great fun that features cutting-edge game design and teaches players about augmented reality.

Pokemon Go at DMA camp at Saratoga High
Cosplay meets augmented reality at DMA camp at Saratoga High School. (Photo by Brittney Bartolini.)

Our staffers have gotten into the fun, too, using it as a way to get campers outside to enjoy some physical activity…while playing a cool video game.

“We got the teens to come outside the classroom by putting up lures up next to our building,” says Joey Limmena, a DMA staff member at our University of British Columbia location and dedicated Pokémon GO advocate.

“We have two Pokestops right next door so it was obvious we needed to take advantage of this. I mean, for the kids…and definitely not myself.”

Pokemon Go at DMA camp at NYU
Loving it in the Big Apple: Pokémon GO getting lots of screen time at our NYU camps.

It’s also a super way for students to “break the ice” and get to know each other. First, they’re playing Pokémon GO – then it’s like they’re old friends!

Check out these great snaps from our camps at the University of Houston, New York University and the University of California at San Diego!

Pokemon Go at DMA camp at Harvard
Larger than life Pikachu: Getting into the game at our Harvard tech camps.

Where will you be capturing your next Pokémon? Come join the fun with us, this summer at DMA!

Pokerun at DMA camp at Stanford
DMA staff member Ai Nakamura led this Pokérun at our Stanford camps last week!