Summer is heating up across the country…just like the DMAxCanon Digital Creator Contest! This collaboration has been a great opportunity for our photography and filmmaking academy students to express themselves and have a chance to win an incredible prize from our partners and image experts at Canon. And we’re just getting started!

The contest is open to our Filmmaking and Photography Academy students until August 21st – so there’s still time for you to take part in the action – but we wanted to give you a taste of just a few of the entries we’ve received so far. Enjoy!

DMAxCanon contest Emily Du photo
Emily Du captured this striking black and white image of a horse and submitted it for consideration by our expert judges.


The DMAxCanon Creator Contest is open to all of our Photography Academy and Filmmaking Academy students. At the end of each course, students will be invited to submit a photography portfolio or short film created this summer at Digital Media Academy. Entrants will have a chance to win a Canon Creator Kit, worth $2,049, complete with a Canon 80D DSLR camera, a Rode microphone, 32-GB memory card, and much more!

We’ll have two grand prize winners – each getting a dream photography/filmmaking kit!

Want to be scared? Try “Phobia.” (Film by Yul Ahn, Joshua Chan, Paul, Yoong Ahn, Santha Rowles and Gabriella Holm.)

We’ve gotten a lot of stunning photographs and entertaining and clever short films. One film called “Phobia” was particularly noteworthy for the way it presented so many archetypical images from suspense and terror films. Another beautifully paid tribute to TV’s The Office. Still another dealt with the many project choices that face DMA Studios students. We’re enjoying seeing all the entries!

DMAxCanon contest Olivia Rui photo
This gorgeous floral pic was submitted by photographer Olivia Rui!

Digital Media Academy is proud to partner with Canon, which shares our commitment to shaping the next generation of photographers and filmmakers.

To follow the DMAxCanon Contest and our continued partnership with Canon, check out #DMAxCanon on Instagram and Twitter and follow Canon for the latest news and announcements: @CanonUSA on Instagram and Facebook and @CanonUSAImaging on Twitter.

We can tell from “The Typical Terrible Day of Mr. Minker” that somebody’s been watching The Office! (Starring Zach, Brandon, Maddie and Ash.)

Keep those submissions coming in! Winners will be announced during the week of August 22nd!