When we first reported on this DMA Studios film experience, our student correspondent Patricia W. covered the first two days of production. She’s back with another report – this time telling us about the end of shooting in DMA instructor Tyler Winick’s film production course at our Stanford University campus location.

Our thanks to Patricia, Tyler and TA Ben Dominguez, who passed this student diary along to us!

Written by DMA student Patricia W.


Our last production time. Our last time jammin’ to the craziest music in the huge van. Our last time at Zoo Labs (well, for now, at least). We did it! We had fun, we watched, we learned and we filmed (1.09 terabytes of footage, to be exact). It was amazing.

DMA Studios using Canon cameras
What could be cooler than using Canon pro cameras to capture incredible studio footage?

Today, I was part of the behind-the-scenes team. Our job was to film all the behind-the-scenes action that goes on in order to make something awesome and interview the people involved. We filmed the camera team making some awesome creative decisions and designing the set. We filmed Ben and the B-roll team flying a drone over the highway to get some epic shots.

We also made some mistakes. One of them was when we interviewed Brad, the music operations chief. We asked him some questions about Zoo Labs, and he answered them perfectly. Once we were done, we went to film the camera team. Tyler then walked over and told us that our external mic wasn’t turned on. This meant that we didn’t capture the awesome stuff that Brad said. We would have to interview him again.

This time, I made sure to plug my earbuds into the camera. I could hear everything the mic was picking up really loudly: my footsteps, other people’s conversations, and my own voice. I felt bad about having to bother Brad again, but he was really cool with it and told me that we all make mistakes and we get to learn from them. In the end, the interview turned out really well.

After the camera team was done setting up, it was time to film Lance reading the script! They did an awesome job designing the lighting and the set. Lance was super cool. We got to film him performing his rap live. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We listened to his songs a bunch of times on the way to Zoo Labs, but I felt a different energy when he was actually saying the words in front of us. We were definitely all jammin’ along while he performed.

This was such an amazing, unforgettable experience.

A really cool thing about Lance is that he can solve a Rubik’s cube while he raps. Tyler got some great shots of Lance and a giant light-up Rubik’s cube. He taught the camera team how to use the jib, and we got to watch Tyler use the gimbal to get some “artsy” shots of Lance in the Control Room.

At the end of the day, everyone came into the Control Room to take a group picture with Venitha, the founder of Zoo Labs. She came in and asked us what our favorite part about this experience had been. Students said that they really enjoyed filming and getting to meet all the artists.

I couldn’t pick just one favorite part, because every moment I got to learn and do something new. But I told her that my favorite part was knowing how much hard work Tyler and Ben put into this project to make it a great experience for Zoo Labs, DMA and all of us. I teared up just thinking about it. Then Tyler walked in and we all gave him a round of applause.

Since today was our last production day, we had to pack up all the equipment we brought and bring it back. When I packed up the C-stands used for lighting, I thought back to Tuesday, when I set them up. It’s amazing to think that something I helped set up was used to help create some cool lighting. We also hung out in the Live Room while Tyler was archiving footage, and I got to play the drums for the first time!

DMA Studios live music studio
When shooting finally wrapped on the last day of production, everyone had put in a full day’s work.

We finally packed everything up and got back to Stanford a little bit after 9…a 12-hour day. This was such an amazing, unforgettable experience. I feel that our whole class bonded together and fed off each other’s ideas, and we became a big family.

I’m so proud of the work that we’ve done, and I can’t wait for post-production next week!


Our DMA Studios class takes its great footage and puts it all together in post!

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