Teens are under tremendous pressure to figure out what they want to do when they’re older. Like most 16-year-olds, Colette Albertson is still discovering what she wants to do when she grows up.

Colette and parents
2016 DMA student Colette Albertson at the site of her favorite DMA class, with her proud parents.

Colette thinks that DMA is a great avenue for helping her and other teens reach that decision. She has explored three different tech courses with us over the course of three summers, helping her better understand what she’s interested in and passionate about…and what she’s not.


In 2014, Colette took 3D modeling with us, but it didn’t quite stick. “The first class I took at DMA was 3D Animation with Autodesk Maya,” she recalls. “It was really good, but also challenging.”

Hey, that’s cool; animation doesn’t have to be for everyone!

Then came 2015, when she tried our 3D Printing and Product Design course and developed a huge appreciation for engineering. So much so that she’s now looking into becoming an engineering major in college.

This summer, Colette came back to try our course in Graphic Design to see if she liked that even more.

Poster by DMA student Colette
Colette designed this amazing poster to promote an event by her school’s poetry club!


We caught up with Colette at the Open House Parent Showcase at Stanford University to see what her third summer at DMA was like.

“I’m part of a poetry club at school, so I wanted to design a poster for our Open Mic Night,” she told us. Here’s what else we learned about Colette’s 2016 session at DMA:

Her Favorite Project
“I used Adobe Illustrator to do the drawings and the base patterns, and I used Adobe Photoshop to put all these different textures in. It was so much fun. This is my favorite project that I made.”

Learning to Silkscreen
“We also studied Andy Warhol and people who’ve mimicked his artwork. We edited colors, radiants, and shades to manipulate photos. It’s almost like a filter, but not entirely. You can make so many different things with this technique. It’s so cool!”

Future Direction
“This is a logo I created and then made a pattern from it using Illustrator. This course was my first time using Adobe Illustrator and being exposed to Photoshop. This is probably my favorite DMA class! I would love to pursue graphic design as a career in the future.”

At DMA, Colette designed this logo, and then made an Illustrator pattern from it. Cool!

We’re excited to hear what Colette ends up doing when she grows up. But in the meantime, we hope she continues exploring all of her creative passions! Come back next year and see if Colette achieves another DMA milestone – the four-peat!