A few months ago, Digital Media Academy was proud to announce a partnership with recording artist Divinity Roxx. Now the internationally renowned bassist is taking the relationship a step further and becoming both a client and collaborator for our students in our Design for a Rock Star Contest!

Divinity’s album, ImPossible, features her latest single and Made By Girls anthem “We Are.”

As the official Role Model and spokeswoman for DMA’s Made By Girls initiative, Roxx is most recognized for her time spent as Music Director and bassist for BeyoncĂ© Knowles’ all-girl band. Her single “We Are” is even the Made By Girls program anthem.

In addition, Roxx will serve as a mentor for several of Digital Media Academy’s course offerings for the summer of 2016, including Wearable Technology & Fashion Design, Music & Beat Production, and Filmmaking.

Wearable Tech & Fashion Design Client

Roxx loves futuristic wearable tech, and will adorn herself with designs from the Made By Girls Wearable Tech & Fashion course while on her next European tour!

For the Made By Girls’ Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course, Divinity will serve as an important first client, challenging students to design accessories for her to wear on her European tour this fall.

Girls will have the opportunity to design and program custom accessories that flash and light up using LilyPad Arduino, in addition to learning about circuitry, electrical engineering and programming.

They will also use modeling software used by real fashion designers from our official technology partner CLO Virtual Fashion to design and model their own creations in 3D. The CLO Atelier program is a virtual designer technology (used by real fashion designers) that lets artists design and model their own garment creations in 3D. Made By Girls students can output their designs into 2D patterns that can be produced as real clothes.

Wearable Tech & Fashion Design is offered at six DMA locations nationwide including Stanford, UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania, NYU and Harvard.

“We Are” Song and Video Remix Project

For DMA’s co-ed music and beat production and filmmaking courses, Divinity Roxx’s anthem “We Are” (and the song’s official music video) will serve as inspiration. She will challenge students to create remixes and original works of music and film in response to the song.

As a result, students will have the chance to receive credit from her as an “official collaborator” with promotion of their work on her website and on her tour. Students will even get a chance to have their song featured on Apple iTunes! Music & Beat Production and filmmaking courses are offered at 20 of our campuses in the U.S. and Canada.

Helping Women and Girls Embrace STEM

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Roxx is also passionate about encouraging women to explore their creativity through technology. For Roxx, understanding software and embracing technology have been important to her success in the recording studio.

Having had to teach herself many of the production software programs in order to take control of her artistic voice, she knows firsthand how intimidating it can be to learn new skills. Roxx encourages girls to push through their fear to realize their strength and potential. “Keep going. By opening yourself up to learning, you can unlock something you never knew you were capable of,” Roxx said in her exclusive DMA Interview.

“Lack of role models, negative stereotypes and isolation are significant barriers preventing girls from reaching their full potential,” explains Made By Girls Program Director Peggy Lee. “DMA believes that Divinity Roxx is one such role model whose story encourages girls to be brave, express their creativity and build the world they want to see.”