Digital Media Academy’s Made By Girls program goes beyond just teaching tech skills; it’s a community built to empower girls, giving them a safe learning environment to express their ideas and reach their full tech potential.

Our Made By Girls Scholarship contest wrapped up last month, when our five amazing recipients were finally announced. Each week we’ll feature one of our Made By Girls Scholars and tell you a little bit about each of these incredible girls, who can’t wait to dive headfirst into STEM. Last week, we introduced you to Ava Deakin.

Next up: Enobong Anako of Brockton, Massachusetts!

Made By Girls Scholar Enobong Anako

Enobong Anako loves learning, and even teaches herself sometimes. Here she is with a collection of some of her favorite books!

Enobong Anako is our latest Made By Girls Scholar, and a true lover of learning. This summer, she’ll be attending our Made By Girls Adventures in Programming camp at Harvard University!

Enobong is a straight-A student who’s been teaching herself outside the classroom as well. “I love math and science and I’ve been learning about anatomy, astronomy and science with the book that my mom got me titled Knowledge Encyclopedia. I was so excited when I got that book!” she says.

She’s even a back-to-back spelling bee champion in her hometown’s “Little Red Schoolhouse Spelling Bee.” This year she won with the word “tarantula”!

Enobong has recently started thinking about her future vocational plans. “I want to be a biomedical engineer,” she says, but is very interested in all of the STEM subjects. “At my summer camp last year, I was in a robotics club for girls. We learned how to put the pieces of the robot together. That inspired me to learn more about STEM subjects.”

Learning how to code is one of my number one goals in life.
– Enobong Anako, Made By Girls Scholar and Future Biomedical Engineer

Enobong has several reasons for wanting to join Made by Girls. One is learning how to use Java to create a video game. “One day I want to be able to bring the game that I created to an invention fair and be able to check that off of my to-do list. I want to achieve all of my goals,” she says.

Enobong has been trying to learn programming through different online resources and lessons on YouTube. “The lessons have been helpful but I think I need an in-class experience,” she figures. We’re glad we can help!

Another reason Enobong is so excited to join our Made by Girls program is because she wants to help other girls and show them how much they can accomplish by using computer science. “I would love to have this opportunity not only to learn how to create games, but to inspire girls all around the world to learn about science, technology, engineering and math,” she says.

“I think that all girls should have an opportunity to learn how to code,” she says, a core belief of our Made By Girls program. “Learning how to code is one of my number one goals in life.”

Enobong received an award from the Brockton Public School Superintendent after she won her hometown’s Little Red Schoolhouse Spelling Bee…two years in a row!

Made by Girls is dedicated to empowering girls through technology and providing a safe learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science. Classes are led by female mentors dedicated to serving as role models and building a supportive community for girls learning STEM subjects.

Made By Girls aims to make an impact on the global community by helping girls realize their potential, and encouraging them to express their creativity and personality every step of the way.

Digital Media Academy also offers co-ed courses at our other locations in subjects like animation, game design and more. We hope to see you this summer!