Digital Media Academy’s Made By Girls program goes beyond just teaching tech skills; it’s a community built to empower girls, giving them a safe learning environment to express their ideas and reach their full tech potential.

As a member of the Greene Scholars Program, Kimora Oliver (front, center) excels in math and science, and actively participates in entrepreneurial/leadership roles. 

Our Made By Girls Scholarship wrapped up last week, when our five incredible recipients were finally announced. Each week we’ll feature one of our Made By Girls Scholars as summer approaches, to tell you a little bit about each of these amazing girls who can’t wait to dive headfirst into STEM. Last week, we introduced you to Landri Drude.

Next up: Kimora Oliver of Hayward, California!

Made By Girls Scholar Kimora Oliver

Kimora loves technology, and will be getting lots of it at our flagship location, Stanford University, when the summer finally arrives!

This thirteen-year-old has an extraordinary dream: “One of my main goals is to fully understand and be able to code in as many programming languages as I possibly can,” she says.

“I would like to use these languages to create my own websites, games and apps, so that I can put them on the Internet and sell them. I’d like to use the money to pay for my college tuition in the future.”

Kimora’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to education are truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to help her achieve this goal when she takes our wearable tech & fashion design course!

“I am interested in participating in Made By Girls because, I feel that this program will further my knowledge in science and technology, which are disciplines I truly enjoy learning,” Kimora says.

Kimora loves art, and is also interested in digital photography and filmmaking. She is very involved in science and programming, both at school and in her spare time.

As the vice president of her National Society of Black Engineers chapter, Kimora helped her team reach 2nd place in 2014 and 3rd place in 2015 during the annual MATHCOUNTS competition!

Kimora is a scholar at The Greene Scholars Program (GSP), which provides students with year-round, hands-on math, science and technology experiences and workshops. The GSP also facilitates annual science fairs and engineering competitions and allows students to participate in entrepreneurial/leadership programs.

She serves as the vice president for the GSP’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, which aims to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

The National Society of Black Engineers also hosts the MATHCOUNTS competition – a fun and challenging math program targeting U.S. middle school students and designed to increase their academic and professional opportunities – and Kimora’s team won second place in 2014, and third place in 2015!

Kimora also participated in the Champions of Science program provided by Chabot Space and Science Center (where she learned about space, chemistry and nature), and she won the 2014 Hackathon against harrowing odds!

Kimora attended the Hackathon in 2014, but started with a team that had to leave about a quarter of the way through. She finished the app anyway, presented it to the judges by herself…AND WON!

What’s incredible about Kimora is that her drive for education isn’t just to be able to say she can do it. She truly wants to continue increasing her personal knowledge in order to give this knowledge back to the world.

One of Kimora’s truly rewarding passions is to mentor and train younger girls. “I hope to get the opportunity to use the skills I would obtain through this program and my training to mentor Made By Girls students in the future,” she says.

She went to Dreamforce by Salesforce to teach kids and teens how to build and program robots, and traveled to mentor students with Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that educates girls ages 7-17 in coding, software development and robotics.

Kimora also visited kids and teens at the Essence Festival in New Orleans to share information about Black Girls Code and mentor them in programming and app development. She was moved by the whole process, saying, “I loved teaching them, watching them learn, and creating something amazing.”

Join Kimora and DMA’s Made By Girls!

Kimora shared information about Black Girls Code programs at the Essence Festival in New Orleans before mentoring other girls in app development!

Made by Girls is dedicated to empowering girls through technology and providing a safe learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science. Classes are led by female mentors dedicated to serving as role models and building a supportive community for girls learning STEM.

Made By Girls aims to make an impact on the global community by helping girls realize their potential, and encouraging them to express their creativity and personality every step of the way.

Digital Media Academy also offers co-ed courses at our other locations in subjects like game design, music & beat production, and more. We hope to see you this summer!