If you love 3D printing (and who doesn’t?), there’s an amazing offer DMA students should take advantage of.

3D Hubs is a unique creation among 3D printing entities, and one that follows the successful model established by eBay. 3D Hubs is a matchmaking service that strives to link people who have planned 3D printing projects with people who own 3D printers and are willing to print outside projects for a fee.

And now, 3D Hubs is partnered with DMA to offer all of our past, present and future students an amazing discount opportunity! We met 3D Hubs at SXSW 2016 and were blown away by their incredible 3D printing network.

This amazing scale model of notorious Alcatraz Island was created by New Zealand’s Kijas using 123D Design (like we teach in our 3D modeling tech camps), and printed through 3D Hubs.


3D Hubs operates as a fantastic clearinghouse of 3D printing information, with online tutorials and links to much collected information about the subject.

And now it’s got a very attractive offer for DMA students, who can get a whopping 25 percent off their 3D Hubs charges. And here’s the best part: That 25-percent discount will remain good for the rest of your life – no matter how many 3D printing projects you produce.

3D Hubs lets users choose what kind of materials they want their 3D projects printed in.


3D Hubs works like this: Let’s say you have a 3D design you really want to see made into a prototype or model. First, you upload your design to 3D Hubs’ website. Then 3D Hubs provides you with a list of possible manufacturers, specifying the prices charged and the production materials offered.

Like eBay, 3D Hubs oversees the relationship between project owner and printer owner, helps the two parties come to terms on a reasonable price, and makes sure customers are completely delighted with the creation that’s been manufactured for them.

Looks like a real live (and sleepy) cat, right? It’s really a 3D model created by johannes31werner and outputted by a 3D printer associated with 3D Hubs!


Here’s how to take advantage of 3D Hubs’ amazing offer for DMA students:

1. Sign up on https://www.3dhubs.com/user/register.
2. Go to www.3dhubs.com/students.
3. In the School box type: Digital Media Academy or simply DMA.
4. Insert your email with the domain createthenext.com or digitalmediaacademy.org.
5. You’ll receive email to verify your account in the School inbox. When you do, click on the link. You’ll get access to 3D Hubs’ 25-percent discount for 3D printing with a special student checkout!


Thanks to 3D Hubs, you can get into 3D printing without having to invest in your own printer. Find out more about this cool outfit and its great offer for DMA students!

To learn how to take your greatest planned creations and see them come to fruition, check out Digital Media Academy’s super-fun 3D printing tech camps.

Let’s make it happen. We can get you started this summer!