The countdown to summer has begun. A new tech camp season is about to begin at Digital Media Academy campus locations across the U.S. and Canada. And while you may think you’re now ready to attend DMA camp this summer, you may have overlooked one key final detail.

You may be ready to pack your suitcase. But have you prepared your mind for your tech-camp learning experience?

DMA Online classes cover tech fundamentals and get you ready to learn more tech!

That’s where DMA Online comes in. That’s our series of online sessions about various tech topics and they’re all designed to make sure you understand key course concepts before you come to camp.

The benefits are numerous, but here’s the greatest: By getting you ramped up to speed quickly, you can make better use of your summer session at DMA.


Think of it as a “time maximizer,” and a fantastic way to get even more out of your summer tech experience at DMA.

DMA Online is the online arm of Digital Media Academy. As we get closer and closer to this coming DMA tech camp season, families that are determined for their students to get the absolute maximum out of their camp experience are opting for their camper to take a DMA Online course before they arrive on campus this summer.

It’s an idea that makes sense and pays definite educational dividends, according to DMA’s lead educational designer.

“DMA online gives students a head start on their summer learning by providing fun and engaging video tutorials that teach the fundamentals of the course they will be taking at camp,” says Dave Livingston, DMA’s Director of Instruction. “This allows them to spend more time building and creating at camp and less time learning the basic of their course/topic.”

Want to learn programming online? DMA Online offers plenty of choices!

Livingston and his talented team of curriculum developers and instructors engineered DMA Online courses to be easy to get into and fun to explore. The courses are packed with content, and because lessons are online, the course revolves around your schedule. DMA Online courses can be taken all year long, and exist online for a full year (so you can revisit lessons).

Although originally intended for incoming DMA students, DMA Online courses are now available to any student (age 10 and up) with an interest in the great tech subjects covered. That makes DMA Online a super option for those unable to attend DMA’s summer tech camps.


The DMA Online curriculum corresponds to that used in our summer tech camps and now students can take online courses in three broad subject areas: programming, design and game design. Courses are dedicated to teaching fundamentals in the following topics:

Computer Science
iOS App Development
Java Programming for Minecraft Modding
3D Modeling with Maya
Visual Effects
Graphic Design
Game Development
Game Programming for Unity with C#
Game Level Design


Considering that DMA Online courses can help change a student’s great summer tech camp experience to one that truly rocks, they are priced extremely reasonably.

DMA Online is also an extremely affordable alternative for families whose budgets might currently be stretched too thin to support a full tech-camp experience, or who may live far away from any of DMA’s locations across the U.S. and Canada.

DMA Online provides students the opportunity to learn and reinforce the fundamental skill sets that will allow them to spend more time during their summer camp/course building and creating.
– DMA Director of Instruction Dave Livingston


Here’s the great, added convenience of DMA Online classes: DMA Online lessons are taken according to your schedule and speed. No time today? No problem.

Or you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands. Great! You can move forward, advancing through lessons.

Want to recover some topics to make sure you’re razor-sharp? With DMA Online courses, that’s never a problem.


A student’s time at DMA is not just a summer camp experience; it’s an investment in the future of a young person. DMA Online adds extra value to that investment and does so in a way that not only gets incoming students better prepared for tech camp, but also gets them extra charged up and excited about their fun summer learning experience.

And at this price, DMA Online courses may just be one of the biggest bargains in supplemental education. Take advantage of DMA Online fundamentals courses today!