A group of 25 lucky Digital Media Academy students was invited by the Google Doodle & Google Trust & Safety Team for a Googleplex Tour!

A little overcast never hurt anybody! The rain held off long enough for students, parents and DMA staff to tour the famous Googleplex campus in Mountain View, Calif.

The students had a blast hiking through the beautiful Google campus, meeting Google Androids and even doing some graphic design to create with the Google Doodle team while touring the Googleplex!

The Googleplex Tour

Rainclouds in the middle of May? California’s latest brush with the El Niño tropical system makes for some unexpected weather. While a couple of slight showers hit the Googleplex early in the day, it eased up enough to allow students to tour the headquarters.

Google’s Greenery

As Kermit the Frog once said, “It ain’t easy being green.” Victims of California’s latest drought understand completely, but the recent El Niño precipitation meant greenery all around the Googleplex!

Another benefit of the recent precipitation is the flourishing local flora. A sea of plants sprouted around the Google campus and surrounding area. This made for a beautiful hike among the greenery, which contrasted beautifully with the gray overcast skies.

Mystical Marshmallows and Ancient Androids

According to Google Doodle Team Lead Ryan Germick (right), the marshmallow held by our little green Android friend grants a wish to anyone who touches it!

On the tour, DMA students got to meet a Google Android snacking on a giant marshmallow. But this was a special Android, apparently harnessing mystical powers.

According to ancient Google lore, touching the marshmallow makes wishes come true.

Someone touching the marshmallow must have wished for snacks, because shortly after meeting the Android, the students and chaperones got an even tastier treat than a marshmallow: ice cream sandwiches!

Doodling with the Google Doodlers

The Google Doodle team used Photoshop and Wacom tablets to finish its custom sample doodle based on student suggestions.

Once inside, students workshopped a demo that the Google Doodlers made based on the kids’ suggestions: A potato with laser eyes (Get it? Because potatoes have eyes!) melting planet earth.

It may seem silly at first, but these kids had a pretty deep message in mind. The potato represented how over-production in the agriculture business is literally destroying the world we live on. Who knew kids could be so passionate about sustainably farmed foods?

In about ten minutes, the Google Doodle team used Photoshop and Wacom tablets to finish up its custom sample doodle. Interestingly, both the software and hardware the Google Doodlers work with are used in Digital Media Academy’s Photography, Art & Design courses. Talk about working like the pros!

Next Stop: Google I/O

The tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing the famous rainbow-colored Google bikes!

But that’s not the end of the tour for a handful of the Digital Media Academy students who visited the Googleplex. The Google Trust & Safety team has also sponsored eight of our Made By Girls students to attend the invite-only Google I/O Keynote event!

Google I/O will be taking place on May 18th at the Shoreline Amphitheater – a stadium typically reserved for music concerts and festivals. Google probably switched locations to accommodate our Made By Girls students, since they’re all pretty much rock stars (but that’s just our opinion, of course).

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned next week when we’ll be live Tweeting from the big Google I/O Keynote event!