DMA instructor and animator Austin Broder is back with another how-to tutorial about Autodesk Maya, the industry’s leading animation program.

In Austin’s latest how-to, he teaches you how to model clothes on your character, how to turn your polygons into cloth to drape your clothes on your character model, and how to develop some quicker workflows.

In this how-to, we’ll show you how to model and bind clothes to a character skeleton or rig.

Austin also addresses basics of “nDynamics” and how to adjust playback speed in Maya in order to perfectly synch the animations you create.

Covered in this DMA how-to tutorial:

  • Extruding clothing by using the Faces mode and the Paint Select Tool
  • Speeding up your work by using smart naming conventions
  • Using Edit Mesh to duplicate faces
  • Adding layers to polygons to increase the thickness of clothing
  • Using the Vertex mode to assemble fabric pieces into a garment

This how-to tutorial contains great quick tips, along with other helpful information.


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Austin Broder is a professional animator, with extensive character-rigging expertise.

Austin Broder is a DMA curriculum developer and instructor who’s also a professional animator. He is a rigging/technical animator specialist with expertise in animation, 3D modeling, and rigging, and has worked extensively with programs like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya. He has served as a character rigger at General Gau Animation Studio in Boston. Click to learn more about Austin Broder animation and art.