Welcome to a new Autodesk Maya how-to tutorial from DMA!

DMA instructor and animator Austin Broder is our guest instructor, and he’s ready to share some quick tips on how to improve your animation skills when using the industry’s leading animation program, Autodesk Maya.

Austin provides an overview of basic animation tools, before discussing how to layer in extra animation and more detailed motion to the animated scenes you produce. He even briefly covers some of the best online tools available.

In this how-to, we’ll give you a rundown of tips for animating characters and objects in Maya. Our instructor covers animation layers, using a custom shelf, motion trails and using deformers.

Austin also addresses animation walk cycles and even touches upon rigging concepts.

Covered in this DMA how-to tutorial:

  • Using motion paths to make animations more visual
  • How to use translate, rotate and scale keyframes
  • Adding polish by using lattice and cluster deformers

This how-to tutorial even briefly covers character-rigging concepts, in addition to other key topics.


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Austin Broder is a professional animator, with extensive character-rigging expertise. Plays fiddle, too!

Austin Broder is a DMA curriculum developer and instructor who’s also a professional animator. He is a rigging/technical animator specialist with expertise in animation, 3D modeling, and rigging, and has worked extensively with programs like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya. He has served as a character rigger at General Gau Animation Studio in Boston. Click to learn more about Austin Broder animation and art.