The National Association of Broadcasters Show (aka, the NAB Show) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week, pulling in crowds of 100,000+ tech lovers.

The NAB Show is a place where companies get to show off their latest hardware, software and everything in between.

The show has something for everybody. Attendees could practice flying drones in special netted-off sections or leave the crowds of Vegas for a few minutes with virtual reality demos.

One popular NAB Show booth allowed convention-goers to compare and contrast top-of-the-line film/television cameras!

Cool gadgets aside, some of DMA’s biggest partners were at the NAB Show, including Adobe, Autodesk and Canon!


At the NAB Show, Adobe drew huge crowds. Most people know Adobe for Photoshop, which is heavily relied upon by graphic design artists. But Adobe also hosts a ton of software platforms, and showcased a new motion-tracking software on the exhibit floor.

As evidenced here, Adobe’s versatility means that it’s used by awhole lot of companies within the tech sector.

Adobe showcased its latest facial-recognition tracking software, which utilizes a visual-based tagging system.


Not a single chair was left empty at the Autodesk booth on the NAB Show floor, where Autodesk engineers showcased the latest software with demonstrations on workflow improvements. Autodesk Maya is used in 3D modeling and animation. Movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens utilized Autodesk to create its immense backdrops and various 3D characters.

Autodesk software was used in movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Revenant, and The Martian!

Power to the creative: Autodesk engineers showcased the latest software updates and workflow improvements.


Canon had one of the largest booths at the NAB Show, and justly so, based on its extensive product line. From cameras and lenses to projectors and camcorders, Canon pulled out all the stops for the NAB Show. While it’s best known for its digital photography, Canon showed that its video cameras are equally impressive on the filmmaking front.

Show-goers could hone their production skills by using new cameras to film live actors on pre-made sets, like the ones provided by our partners at Canon.

Miniature train sets gave show attendees a great subject for testing new cameras (like this Canon XC10 4k camcorder) and their ability to capture detail and motion.

Canon’s underwater line made a big splash at the NAB Show!

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