We’re moving ever closer to Summer 2016. Kids are now actively dreaming of summer vacation (sometimes even when they’re asleep!). Meanwhile, parents are busy trying to figure out ways to keep those kids motivated and sharp during their break.

For families in Long Island and the greater New York area, there’s now a convenient solution – one that can keep youngsters entertained and their parents satisfied with their kids’ ongoing learning during their vacation.

DMA will be at Stony Brook University for two amazing weeks this June and July.

It’s Digital Media Academy’s brand new tech camp location at Stony Brook University!

Stony Brook is a veritable tech mecca: The place where the moon rocks were first analyzed. Home of the first MRI image. The place where supergravity was formulated. And one of only ten universities awarded a National Science Foundation Recognition Award in 1998.

Two Absolutely Amazing Weeks

Stony Brook is a versatile and exciting university, and one with deep tech roots.

And we’ll be there for two phenomenal weeks this summer: the week of June 27th through July 1st, as well as the following week, July 4th through 8th.

And look at just some of the cool, cutting-edge tech subjects to study at DMA’s tech camps at Stony Brook:


    • 3D Printing: If you can design it – you can manufacturer it, through 3D printing.


    • Robotics & Programming: Make motorized machines that can do it all, through LEGO EV3 robotics.



    • Digital Filmmaking: When you learn to make films, it opens whole new creative avenues to you.


    • Music Production: The world loves music and our music production courses can show you how to bring out the best in your own musical ideas.


    • Java Programming: There’s no more marketable or in-demand skill than knowing Java programming. A great career stepping stone.


  • Rocket Science: Find out how to make rockets fly and what makes engineering tick through this great course for young campers.

Creative faculty: Each of these Stony Brook instructors actually holds one or more U.S. patents!

A Fantastic Place for Tech

Stony Brook is an amazing place to learn tech. Stony Brook’s always been a tech pioneer:

From its founding, it’s been a space-grant research university. The campus has expanded in recent years to include new tech-oriented facilities, like the Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center.

Another building that’s part of the University’s Research & Development Park is Stony Brook’s Center of Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology. Plus, Stony Brook co-manages the Brookhaven National Laboratory, along with the Battelle Memorial Institute.

Honoring Creators and Inventors

Even the school’s non-tech pursuits carry that same spirit of innovation. The SAC Art Gallery, for example, is no ordinary gallery, but instead showcases interactive and participatory art projects, and is open to students, faculty and staff.

And just recently, the school found a new way to honor tech innovation. In mid-April, it launched the Stony Brook University Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (SBU-NAI). Each of the original 30 faculty members inducted hold U.S. patents on inventions of their creation.

“The SBU-NAI is very crucial for this University,” says Stony Brook Professor Iwao Ojima. “It will bolster the importance of our scientist-inventors and also cultivate next-generation scientists who have new inventions in mind.”

Powerhouse Academics

In 2014, U.S. News & World Report ranked Stony Brook fourth for nuclear physics graduate programs. Stony Brook was also named the fourth-best geometry grad school program in the nation.

And the very next year, the applied mathematics program was judged third best in the U.S.

Even the dorm buildings are cool and cutting-edge at Stony Brook!

Pursue Tech Excellence This Summer at Stony Brook

Consider spending part of your summer this year at our Stony Brook camps, just one of the great DMA tech camp locations offered in 2016 by Digital Media Academy.

And if you’re going to be in a different part of the Empire State this summer, DMA has you covered there, too.

Try our Big Apple experience with our NYU tech camps.

Or maybe you’d prefer our tech camps at Concordia College, for the more laid-back college experience?

It’s going to be a great summer at DMA’s New York tech camps!