In terms of respect, few tradeshows about the entertainment industry have the same clout as the National Association of Broadcasters show. But then, not that many organizations have been around since 1923!

The NAB Show is expanding into new tech areas – like virtual reality.

The big show sponsored by the NAB happens each year in America’s greatest convention city: Las Vegas. The NAB rolls out the red carpet for the film and TV industries.

Vegas is the only town that’s really big enough to handle the massive convention crowds, which often exceed 100,000. Celebrity sightings are a common phenomenon, as stars flock to the event to promote their latest projects.


For attendees, the NAB Show is a huge event, where they can glimpse what’s coming soon in entertainment, and what will be happening in years to come.

Of course, now the term “broadcasters” means different things than it once did. Broadcasting is no longer just something that happens on public airwaves, as legions of online broadcasters prove daily.

This year’s NAB Show seems to be making an extra effort to embrace today’s new and emerging media. Check out its full-on approach to covering VR and drones:

Virtual Reality: NAB will present really lively VR exhibits this year. On the content-creation side, the gripping you-are-there content of more than 30 international virtual reality producers will be on display. More than 20 leading VR manufacturers will also be there, exhibiting their latest VR gear.

Drone Videography: Another breakthrough technology that’s going to be covered at the NAB Show is drones. NAB 2016 will feature more than 30 sessions on drones and aerial content creation. Around 25 different drone manufacturers should be on site, showing off their latest and greatest drones.

DMA’s Michael Rosa got to meet Steve “Woz” Wozniak at the Silicon Valley Comic Con. Who knows who Rosa will run into in Vegas?


NAB 2016 is going to be a big deal – and that’s why we’re sending our own ace pair of correspondents to report on the show’s greatest tech moments.

This week we’ll present what DMA’s social media masters Palmer Mitchell and Michael Rosa find as they prowl the show floor and get the scoop for us on all the cool coming tech.

In addition to checking out displays and super-cool exhibits, our team will be attending a variety of trainings and sessions conducted by industry experts and learning what’s on the horizon for media production, publishing, capture technologies, and (of course) broadcasting.


When it comes to content creation, the NAB Show has it all.

“It’s the whole shebang of how media is planned, created, organized, put together and distributed,” says DMA Media Manager Palmer Mitchell, who’ll also be getting trained for certification in Adobe Premiere Pro while there.

“We’re there specifically to learn what the industry is doing for social-media content creation and how social media is changing the way all this stuff is happening,” Mitchell says.

This year’s show will feature a Creative Master Series panel from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But while there, our DMA team is also excited about getting a chance to meet with some of our great partners – such as Canon and Adobe – so we can find out about the awesome new products they’re now developing to make our jobs (and lives) easier.

It’s going to be an amazing show. Check the DMA blog site for all the breaking news and big announcements from NAB 2016!