In today’s world, many students are slaloming down a mountain of student debt as they finish college, only to land at the base of another summit they must ascend: grad school.

They might not know what they’re studying in college yet, but these DMA campers can already say they’ve worked on a professional music video!

Who knows if whatever academic major you declare actually turns out to be your true calling? There has been no opportunity to experience this ambiguous path before committing to one of the biggest decisions of your life – until now.


In response to the growing need for immersive learning, DMA has developed new experiential learning like nothing else in the world – DMA Studios: Film Production. It’s a two-week, full-immersion experience, where students serve as the film and edit crew for a real-world client.

DMA Studios is led by industry professionals, giving students a one-of-a-kind filmmaking experience. We travel around the Bay Area on field trips and location scouting, hire real actors to direct, use industry-standard camera equipment from Canon, and much more.

DMA Studios students filming on location at Pomponio State Beach, in beautiful Half Moon Bay, Calif.

In last summer’s DMA Studios: Film Production course, students successfully completed a music video for Pacific Disco, an electronic music duo from Oakland, Calif. We went on location to Pomponio State Beach to capture the majority of the beautiful images.

We directed the talented Chelsea Elise, a dancer and actress, on location at the beach, at DMA corporate offices and in front of a green screen to create the floating effects for the film.

The students set up professional lighting scenes, laid track for dolly shots and captured stunning HD images with the Canon C300. The students helped shoot and edit this professional music video in just two weeks’ time.

Find Your True Calling in Filmmaking

DMA Studios Instructor Tyler Winick discusses filmmaking & visual effects with his students.

Famous directors didn’t get to be where they are overnight. Creative storytelling is a labor of love and it can take years to find your voice. We all start with an interest in something, find out we really love it and want to turn our passion into our profession.

But sometimes you don’t get what you expect. You may be better suited as a camera operator instead of a director. Maybe you’ll love color grading footage to give films a stylish look…or you really love visual effects that enhance a motion picture.

In DMA Studios: Film Production, you’ll get a chance to experience a variety of different roles, guided by true professionals who make their living from their craft.

Here’s the video of the project created by last year’s DMA Studios students!

What will we create in DMA Studios this year? Stay tuned for more info! It’s sure to be an epic experience. I hope to see you there!

DMA instructor Tyler Winick is a San Francisco Bay Area creative producer, with more than ten years of industry experience and his own company – Winick Media which also showcases his vast experience as a music producer. In addition, he also served for six years as creative coordinator for The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. This will be Tyler’s eighth great season teaching filmmaking at DMA!