A few months ago, Digital Media Academy was proud to announce our Made By Girls Scholarship and latest course, Wearable Tech & Fashion Design. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing new course and scholarship extension!

The Made By Girls Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course is offered at four locations nationwide – like Stanford and Harvard, just to name a couple!

Whether a girl is interested in engineering, graphic design, fashion, or simply wants to make a positive impact in the world, learning tech skills like the ones taught in the Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course will help her reach her goals.

Wearable Tech & Fashion Design

For DMA, a learning community of diversity and excellence, MBG’s Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course couldn’t come at a better time. From smart watches to athletic wear, wearable tech is everywhere. Interactive-tech initiatives have been readily adopted by the fashion industry, and were the highlight of CES 2016.

Made By Girls students in this course will have the opportunity to design and program custom accessories that flash and light up using LilyPad Arduino. These units are sewn into fashion creations that they can then customize. In addition to this, they’ll also learn about circuitry and programming while using elements of electrical engineering and problem solving to build design solutions.

Amazing Technology Partner CLO Virtual Fashion

Girls will also utilize modeling software used by real fashion designers from our official technology partner, CLO Virtual Fashion. The CLO Atelier program is a virtual designer technology used by real fashion designers, that lets artists design and model their own garment creations.

With this software, students will learn to design and model their own creations in 3D. Made By Girls students can output their designs into 2D patterns that can be produced into real clothes.

Design For A Rock Star Contest

Fashion-forward Divinity Roxx loves futuristic wearable tech, and will adorn herself with designs from the Made By Girls Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course while on her next European tour!

DMA’s partnership with recording artist Divinity Roxx will also come into play with this new course. The internationally renowned bassist is taking the relationship a step further and becoming an important first client for our students in the Design for a Rock Star Contest.

As the official role model and spokeswoman for DMA’s Made By Girls initiative, Roxx is most recognized for her time spent as Music Director and bassist for Beyoncé Knowles’ all-girl band. Her single “We Are” from her latest solo album ImPossible (pronounced “I’m Possible”), is even the Made By Girls program anthem.

Specifically for the Made By Girls’ Wearable Tech & Fashion Design course, Roxx is challenging students to design accessories for her to wear on stage during her European tour this fall!

The Made By Girls Scholarship

Did You Know? Rock star Divinity Roxx and Made By Girls Program Director Peggy Lee were both mentored by famed poet June Jordan!

DMA’s Made By Girls initiative aims to build tech confidence in young women, with courses led by female instructors. It was built exclusively to foster early positive experiences with technology. “The Made By Girls program is dedicated to supporting change by providing a safe environment where girls can learn and grow together with the support of strong role models,” explains Made By Girls Program Director Peggy Lee.

Wearable Tech & Fashion Design is offered at four locations nationwide, including Stanford, UCLA, NYU and Harvard.

Need help going to summer camp? Our Made By Girls Scholarship program has been extended, and we are now accepting applications through April 16th for the 2016 summer season! To learn more about how to nominate yourself or another deserving girl to receive tuition support for a Made By Girls course of her choice, visit the Made By Girls Scholarship page.