Welcome to a new Ableton Live 9 how-to tutorial from DMA!

In it, versatile electronic musician Damien Verrett shows you a cool workaround that lets you trigger momentary effects instead of toggling them.

Damien shows musicians a way to get more organic control over their live set.

With a toggled effect, you have to push a button to start the effect and push that same button to end it. With Damien’s method, you can turn on an effect with a button push, and turn it off when you release that button – giving you the ability to work faster and more seamlessly.

Covered in this DMA how-to tutorial:

  • Using the momentary channel
  • Trigger modes
  • Quantization, or aligning beats to a grid
  • How to use Warp Mode

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Damien Verrett is a touring musician who has spent years on the road.


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Multifaceted musician Damien Verrett is a singer/songwriter/producer from Sacramento, Calif. He performs under the stage name So Much Light.