As the former bassist and Music Director for musical powerhouses like Beyoncé Knowles and the K-Pop girl group 2NE1, Divinity Roxx is no stranger to creating amazing music – or girl power.

But as the new Made By Girls spokeswoman and official Role Model, Divinity will play a more intimate role when it comes to spreading that empowerment and promoting the Made By Girls Scholarship. Roxx has declared her song “We Are” as the MBG program anthem, and she will become an important first client for the makers in our camps.

Divinity’s new song (and logo, above) serve as inspiration for her music & design challenge at DMA!

In the Made By Girls Wearable Tech and Fashion course, Divinity will challenge students to design accessories for her to wear on her European tour this fall. Girls will have the opportunity to design and program custom accessories that flash and light up using LilyPad Arduino. Meanwhile, these girls will be learning about circuitry, electrical engineering and programming.

For our co-ed Music & Beat Production and Filmmaking courses, Divinity Roxx’s anthem “We Are” and the song’s official music video will serve as inspiration. She will challenge students to create original works of music and film in response to the song. As a result, students will have the chance to receive credit from her as an official collaborator, with promotion of their work on her website and on her tour. Students will even get a chance to have their song featured on Apple iTunes!

Divinity’s upcoming Album, ImPossible, features her latest single and Made By Girls anthem “We Are.” (Image: Ian Frank)

“By 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computer-related fields but women are projected to fill only 3 percent of them,” explains Made By Girls Program Director Peggy Lee. “The Made by Girls program is dedicated to supporting change by providing a safe environment where girls can learn and grow together with the support of strong role models. DMA believes that Divinity Roxx is one such role model whose story encourages girls to be brave, express their creativity and build a better world they want to see.”

Roxx didn’t pick up a bass guitar until her time at UC Berkeley, where she met influential poet June Jordan. By coincidence, Jordan also mentored Lee. Since Jordan’s passing, she continues to serve as inspiration for the MBG program as well as Divinity’s music. We told you a little bit about the incredible Divinity Roxx when she visited our corporate headquarters a little while back. At that time, we promised a full interview. It’s finally here…


As the new Made By Girls Role Model, what advice do you have for girls?
It’s always scary to learn something new, but keep going. By opening yourself up to learning, you can unlock something you never knew you were capable of. I may have even said no if somebody asked me to play the bass when I was a young girl. I didn’t pick up learning the bass until I was 20, and now it’s led me to traveling all over the world to play music with other amazing artists, which is something I never thought I would, or even could do when I was a young girl.

“My name is Divinity Roxx and I am honored, absolutely honored, to be the new Made By Girls Role Model!”
– Divinity Roxx, International Bassist, Music Director & Role Model

How does it feel To be a role model?
It’s exciting for me! To think that my story could be inspiring to someone else leaves me without words. It’s funny that I’m a role model when I’m the one who would learn so much from these girls. The world we are living in now is so different than the one I grew up in, with more and more opportunities for girls.

Every little girl needs another woman to look up to, even if it’s just as encouragement. They need someone they see as successful doing something they want to do, just to drive the point home that, “Hey, I can do that, too!”

I was once a little girl, sitting in a classroom, learning something that I didn’t understand. But if I had been afraid to open my mind, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

There was a lot of hard work and effort, but with the support of other women I was able to become successful.

Fashion-forward Divinity Roxx loves futuristic wearable tech, and will adorn herself with designs from the Made By Girls Wearable Tech & Fashion course while on her next European tour!

How do you use technology in your work?
Technology is a huge part of my work and everyday life. I use Twitter & Facebook to promote myself and my music. Likewise, the apps on my phone are also so important for me, in order to reach my fans.

And as a musician, I use my computer to arrange and create the songs I make, and even to run them through various software programs to manipulate sound and add a little funk to my music. So technology is really important to me.

Who influenced you most growing up?
June Jordan was the most influential person to my career. She taught me the importance of Poetry for the People, and took me to New York to do live poetry readings for the first time. She taught me that if you are given the chance to stand in front of the world with only two minutes, what would you say? It’s important to say something meaningful and positive, something that can change how people see you and make people like you for the better.

My latest song “We Are” is dedicated to June Jordan. “We Are” is my declaration to the world that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones who can positively affect the world.

We can create this community that we think we deserve, a community where we treat each other with love and respect. In this world there’s a lot of suffering but there doesn’t have to be. We really are the ones to change it, to change the way somebody sees how someone like me views the world, how someone like you can impact the world for the better.

Divinity Roxx pulses a world-changing vibe during a duet with her drummer. (Image: Ralf Dombrowski)

Any final thoughts on Made By Girls?
We are Made By Girls. That phrase is so powerful in this day and age. We’re beginning to see women take leadership roles they’ve been denied for years. It’s time that women are not only given these opportunities, but to remember to take those opportunities given to them whenever they get the chance. Young women don’t realize how important it is to be part of nontraditional roles, or even that it’s possible. It is possible!

We Are Made By Girls. I can’t stress that point enough. We Are Made By Girls; and anything is possible.

There will be people who say, “You’re not strong enough, fast enough, good enough, or you can’t do this or that.” It’s absolutely not true. It’s time to show them what time it is, for real. You can be and do anything you want if you keep an open heart.

Jump in with two feet and an open mind, and you’ll find people who believe in you, who can help you achieve any goal you set your mind to.

I believe in you, and I want you to believe in you, too. So shake off those nerves, and show the world what you can do. Show the world that We Are Made By Girls!