As the former music director and bassist for Beyoncé Knowles, Divinity Roxx is no stranger to creating amazing music – or girl power.

As former music director/bassist for Beyoncé, Divinity Roxx knows how to throw down and rock out!

Divinity’s latest solo project, her upcoming ImPossible album, will be featured in her upcoming European tour. ImPossible shows how she incorporates tech throughout her creative process. “As a musician, I use my computer to arrange and create the songs I make, and even run them through various music software programs to manipulate sound and add a little funk to my music, so technology is really important,” she said.

Divinity also incorporates wearable tech into her performances, and even has light-up LED position markers on her bass! But while technology is a huge part of both her personal and performing life, it isn’t the only thing that defines her mission.


Even more so than tech, Divinity is interested in the empowerment of women and young girls, which is what initially drew her to learn more about DMA’s Made By Girls program and the new MBG Scholarship. The fact that there’s a new Made By Girls Wearable Tech & Fashion course this year was enough to convince Divinity to visit DMA’s corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, Calif., coming all the way up from Los Angeles.

Not even a cross-state road trip could drain Divinity of her contagious smile and positive energy!

Divinity visited DMA last week for a special meet & greet event. DMA staff members got a chance to be introduced to the Rock star away from the stage, where she told us a little bit about her upcoming show. Divinity even shared some background information on “We Are,” her latest single from the ImPossible album.

“We Are” was inspired by and dedicated to the late poet June Jordan, Divinity’s teacher and mentor. Jordan began her teaching career in New York, ultimately making her way to Berkeley and founding the “Poetry For The People” program, where she and Divinity first met. Jordan also mentored Made by Girls Director Peggy Lee, and helped inspire DMA’s Made by Girls program.

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If you want to learn more about Divinity, you’re in luck. Stay tuned for the full Divinity Roxx interview, as well as a special announcement regarding Divinity’s upcoming role with DMA’s Made By Girls program. Who knows? She might even give a few details through her social media, so make sure and follow her to stay in the loop!