Whether it’s using Canon projectors to light up tutorials on the big screen, pairing C300s with cine lenses for the budding cinematographer’s perfect setup, or shooting our DMA Studios: Film Production class in 4K with the high-powered 1 DC DSLR, Canon is behind the magic that makes DMA’s filmmaking classes an amazing learning experience.

What do you get when you mix teen creativity with Hollywood-level cine lenses from Canon? Amazing shots found only in DMA’s film courses.

Keeping Up With Canon

Canon wouldn’t be Canon without producing such amazing quality. It’s one of the reasons DMA has decided to put Canon cameras in the hands of our students, year after year.

“The relationship that Canon has built with Digital Media Academy is a great example of the focus Canon has on creating pathways to young storytellers and image makers,” says Canon Education Business Development Representative Aaron McNally. “Digital Media Academy’s dedication to providing cutting-edge education to a young audience was a perfect fit for us.”

We want our students to start practicing the craft of filmmaking at a young age, whether it’s with DSLRs or by making documentaries. The best way to do that is to expose kids to the best possible industry equipment, which they might not otherwise be able to access.

DMA filmmaking instructor Travis Schlafmann has been using (and teaching with) Canon cameras for the last 13 years.

Stepping Stone To Success

Travis Schlafmann, one of DMA’s advanced filmmaking instructors for 10+ years, is inclined to agree. “As a professional filmmaker and commercial video producer, I have used Canon lenses and cameras for the last 13 years,” Schlafmann says. “I was thrilled when DMA partnered with Canon.”

DMA has served as the stepping stone for hundreds of students entering into film schools. Many students take a DMA filmmaking course prior to attending college in order to get hands-on experience.

“Having the opportunity to use Canon’s professional filmmaking equipment has allowed DMA students to create amazing projects while learning on the best equipment in the industry,” Schlafmann adds.

This experience enables students to study filmmaking in a real-world, project-based format which gives them a taste of professional-level film and video production. Because of this, many former DMA students have gone on to the best film schools in the country and are now pursuing their dreams by working in the film and video industry.

DMA Studios: Film Production instructor Tyler Winick encourages students to make their ideas come to life through the camera.

Inspired By Canon

“It’s truly inspiring to see the talent and creativity such young students have these days, but having great ideas and making something great are two different things,” says Tyler Winick, DMA Studios: Film Production instructor. “At DMA, students get the opportunity to experience what it means to MAKE a great idea come to life. And to me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Like Schlafmann, Winick has been working with DMA for many years, and continues to return summer after summer because he believes in DMA’s mission to get more students interested in high-quality, creative filmmaking.

Whether they’re interested in photography or filmmaking, DMA courses allow creativity to flow through high-quality cameras, prepping teens for a camera-oriented career.

The Ultimate Partnership

All of this is due in part to the partnership with Canon, ensuring our students are using the highest quality hardware in the professional world, getting them ready to take on leadership roles on production sets once they complete our camps.

“Canon is 100 percent committed to being an active partner with Digital Media Academy. We are immensely proud of the partnership we have with DMA, and look forward to working with it for years to come.” Canon’s McNally adds. “It’s a relationship built for success.”