Filmmakers get into moviemaking in different ways.

If you’re ready to start your journey in film, we’re ready for you.

Some (like Star Wars director George Lucas) attend film school after graduating college. Others – like indie legend Robert Altman, who directed masterpieces like M*A*S*H and Nashville – learn their trade by first making commercial films.

There’s no set way to become a filmmaker.

But there is one thing that is common to all filmmakers: They all had to start somewhere.

This summer, it’s your turn. If you’ve been interested in maybe learning filmmaking, we’ve got the spot for you this summer, at DMA tech camp. Our DMA Studios: Film Production course can give you a first-hand taste of the filmmaking experience.


From camera ops to sound recording, DMA Studios: Film Production lets you try on different roles.

It’s a chance to join a working film production crew.

When we say “working,” we mean it; you’ll work on a short film, commercial or music video for a real-world client.

And since DMA Studios: Film Production lasts for two weeks, you have ample time to try on different production roles, while you work together as part of a team to complete your group project.

This is actual commercial filmmaking, with real client expectations to satisfy, along with budgets to create and schedules to follow.


You’ll also get hands-on experience using actual professional filmmaking equipment: Canon EOS Cinema cameras, as well as professional boom mics and field recorders.

And not just filmmaking and sound equipment but also pro filmmaking software. The best from industry-leading Adobe, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade and more.

During post-production you’ll even dabble in marketing and distribution techniques, so you can get a full idea of the business that is filmmaking…and whether it’s really for you.

Get hands-on experience using professional Canon equipment.


All filmmakers have to start somewhere. Do yourself a favor and start strong, by experiencing Digital Media Academy’s immersive two week film academy.

You’ll learn a lot about filmmaking, but you’ll discover even more about yourself and how you might fit into filmmaking.

Register now to attend DMA Studios: Film Production. The course size is kept small…usually only seven students per instructor…so that means our camps may close out early.

Get set for the filmmaking ride of your life…this summer at one of DMA’s tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada!

Filmmaking is great at DMA Studios! Register today!

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Come join a working film crew this summer…at DMA Studios!