If you’re a kid (ages 8-12) or teen (12-17), you’re going to love Digital Media Academy’s Stony Brook University location. The campus is really cool, with spacey-looking buildings like this one:

Residence building Nobel Hall not only looks cool; it’s also received national honors for its energy-saving features.

Stony Brook University has long been known as a tech-heavy school. Its nuclear physics program is legendary, and lays claim to creating the world’s smallest working electric switch, which consisted of a single electron!

Beyond that, area manufacturer Northrop Grumman is where the Apollo lunar module was constructed.

And in another tech fact, SBU is where the first Moon rocks brought to Earth were analyzed and used to determine the actual age of the Moon (4.53 billion years old).

Long Island is a tech center, where the Apollo Lunar Module was built (at Northrop Grumman).

At our SBU tech camps, you can explore whatever tech topic strikes your fancy – featuring everything from Virtual Reality courses and app development to Wearable Tech and animation.

Classes are led by subject experts, using the latest versions of leading software.

And SBU’s location makes it perfect for families scoping out an ideal vacation. SBU is located only 50 miles east of Manhattan, which opens up a world of vacation possibilities for families who may have a child enrolled in a DMA tech camp and want to stay close by.

Even the fitness centers at Stony Brook are cutting-edge.

Plus, you’re out on fun Long Island, with lots of neat things to do and see. There’s history everywhere.

Aviator Charles Lindbergh started his famous trans-Atlantic flight at local Roosevelt Field.

Or you can take walking tours that show you where and how George Washington’s spies operated during Revolutionary times.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, was inspired by the author’s visits to lavish parties, specifically at this “Gold Coast” Long Island mansion, called Land’s End.

The area’s inspired a lot of great artists, too (and is currently home to many celebrities, too).

Action painter Jackson Pollock’s home and studio can be toured on Long Island, as can writer Walt Whitman’s home.

And attending elaborate parties at local mansion inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, often considered “the great American novel.”

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