Sure, taking selfies is fun, but what if you’re a budding young photographer who wants to get more out of the images they snap? For teens ages 12 through 17, the best route to improving your camera technique is through hands-on instruction, like you get at Digital Media Academy summer tech camps.

Bring your DSLR camera, your tripod and your eagle eye. DMA will help you build a photo portfolio.

And if you’re just starting on your photographic journey, we offer a program that was designed especially for you: DMA’s Intro to Digital Photography course.

Mastering Today’s Digital Workflow
It’s a class that gets you used to using a digital workflow (download, edit and organize images). Plus, it shows you both parts of the modern photographer’s process.

First, you work behind the lens of your own DSLR camera (because it’s easier when you learn using your own equipment), taking interesting shots.

Then you work at the computer, perfecting your images as you unlock the power of Adobe’s Photoshop, the world’s most popular and powerful image-manipulation software.

DMA’s ace instructors mean that expert help is never far away for our photography students.

Learn Behind the Lens…
During the portion of class devoted to shooting images, you’ll work with the RAW photo format and will even be exposed to working with in-camera effects.

Plus, you gain experience shooting with both natural and artificial light. Other “shooting” topics include contrast, composition and shutter speeds.

…and Then in Photoshop
Once you’ve captured a dynamite set of photos with your trusty DSLR camera, it’s time to process them into polished final images.

We know how to help you get more out of Photoshop and guides you through the program, showing you how to use layers and masks to build powerful composite images.

Also covered are color-correction and image-optimization techniques, the very tips that can take average photos and turn them into stunning, unforgettable pictures.

Start Clicking!
For young photographers who are interested in building a portfolio as well as their skills, DMA’s Introduction to Digital Photography course is a balanced blend of shooting techniques and Photoshop instruction.

What’s that? You say you’re interested in photography, but you’re not a beginner? No problem; DMA has you covered with one of its fantastic advanced photography courses.

Step 1: DMA photography students capturing the photos they will shape into unforgettable images.

Check out all of DMA’s photography and art camps at the website, where you can also register for the 2016 camp season.