For each generation of children, watching a Disney film like Frozen or Bambi becomes an enchanting experience to be treasured for a lifetime. In fact, Disney started making movies at the end of the age of silent pictures.

Walt Disney (second from the right) directs one of his earliest films – The Alice Comedies, which mixed live action with animation. His brother Roy mans the camera. (Image: Walt Disney Co.)

The Walt Disney Company built a kingdom upon magical stories and imaginative narratives. Now Disney films inspire totally new generations. And many of those films inspire kids and teens to tell their own stories using film and animation.

Making Movies & Friends
With today’s amazing technology, there is literally no limit to what your son or daughter can create using film. With a little creativity and collaboration, filmmaking can become a lifelong passion…and maybe even a profession.

Filmmaking is a great outlet for creativity and a good chance to give kids a positive way to express themselves.

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and young filmmakers who learn at an early age how to work with others are more likely to achieve later success. Filmmaking is also a great opportunity to forge lasting friendships.

Filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with…
–Steven Spielberg, Director

The ability to collaborate with others is one of filmmaking’s key components. Steven Spielberg once said, “Filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself.” He should know: He’s an Oscar-winning director. (He won a Best Director Oscar in 1998 for Saving Private Ryan.)This ability to collaborate provides young filmmakers with the confidence and creative thinking skills they need to succeed later in life.

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, requiring the combined efforts of many talents, like directors, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters and more.

Introducing Kids & Teens to Filmmaking
Sure you can send you kid to a movie making camp, but you can also inspire them on a personal level:

1. Make Movie Choices Together. When your child picks out the night’s movie, they are telling you what kind of movies they’re interested in. This is a perfect chance to gauge their interest in making movies.

2. Watch Movies Together. More to the point, watch your child watching the movie. What parts did they like the most? Did they like the action sequence with the Hulk smashing through a wall? Ask them if they ever thought about how those visual effects get made – maybe they want to learn how to create visual effects?

3. Invest in a Good Video Camera. Thanks to filmmaking apps and other tools you can make a movie with almost no investment, but a good video camera can really impact the results. Canon camcorders and video cameras are some of the best video cameras on the market.

4. Send Your Kids to Film Camp. If your kid or teenager expresses an interest in learning how to make films, it’s time to consider sending them to a summer film camp. At Digital Media Academy film camps, kids or teens learn from seasoned industry pros who know how to get incredible results, and understand how to teach those skills to eager students.

Through a summer film camp experience, a kid or teen can discover new skills, while growing as a person and learning about the great collaborative spirit of filmmaking. Make it happen this summer!