DMA Online is Digital Media Academy’s online learning platform. Since DMA Online launched earlier this spring, hundreds of students have enrolled and are already learning computer programming, Minecraft™ and game development fundamentals.

DMA Online is accessible to DMA attendees through their MYDMA account.

Considering signing up for DMA Online? Here’s what you should know:

How was DMA Online Developed?
DMA started with the challenge of seeing what we could do to help students get the most out of their summer camp/course experience. From there, we went through a 4-month development cycle that included not only creating all of the content for the courses themselves, but also building a custom Learning Management System for the delivery of those courses.

How long will the DMA Online courses be available?
DMA Online is accessible throughout the year, so you can return to the lessons after the summer.

How many hours of curriculum are included in one course?
DMA Online courses can provide up to 20 hours of instructional value, depending on a student’s particular talents and ability to grasp the material covered.

Will more DMA Online courses be added?
Yes! We are building a catalog of courses covering a wide range of topics. In addition, we will be unveiling other products and services as part of DMA Online.

How is DMA able to bring the coursework to students?
The entire DMA Online platform is being delivered via our custom-built Learning Management System, which allows students moving through the online courses to enjoy continual progress-tracking. They can also earn points and badges as they progress and complete courses. There are many other cool new features, too.

How do students get their lessons?
DMA Online uses a learning format based on students completing achievements/missions that are divided into chapters. Each chapter covers a specific topic and contains a series of lessons (typically, interactive videos that teach specific skills/topics).

There are also quizzes, meant to quickly help students review and retain what they’ve learned, and challenges (where students actually create, produce and/or complete a task to practice their new skill). Students earn badges for each achievement/mission that they complete.


Ramp up your skills in three great subjects, with DMA Online:

What ages are eligible to take a DMA Online course?
DMA Online courses are open to ages 10 and up.

What does it cost to take a DMA Online course?
DMA Online courses are very affordable at only $95 per course.

How do I add a DMA Online course to my DMA summer camp registration?
Adding DMA Online is as simple as calling DMA Guest Services at 866.656.3342. Ask a Guest Services Academic Advisor for a course recommendation or choose your own direction.

Log In and Ramp Up!
If you’ve already registered to attend one of DMA’s incredible tech camps, check and see if DMA is offering a DMA Online course that can easily and quickly make sure you’re ready for this summer’s tech-camp experience.

DMA’s online courses are inexpensive and convenient; you work on the course material at your pace, according to your personal schedule. The online materials can help you get so much more out of your DMA camp or course. The materials are even worthwhile if it’s a topic outside of (or in addition to) what you’ll be learning during the summer, and you’re just eager to explore one of today’s hottest tech subjects.