DMA announces the launch of DMA Online, DMA’s new online interactive learning system. DMA Online offers awesome courses that were developed to give students an edge. Students complete the course on their own time, taking the class anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Video lessons and other engaging challenges help students learn at their own pace.

Best of all, DMA Online courses give you a firm foundation in three of the key STEM subjects taught during DMA’s summer camp experience. These courses have a lot to offer, whether you’re a true beginner in the subject, are eager to make the most of your DMA summer experience, or just want to brush up on your tech skills.

Professionally Developed Content
DMA Online was carefully assembled by DMA’s Instruction team.

“We started with the challenge of seeing what we could do to help students get the most out of their summer camp/course experience at DMA,” says Dave Livingston, who is Director of Instruction and led the project. “DMA Online uses a learning format based on students completing achievements/missions that are divided into chapters. Each chapter covers a specific topic and contains a series of lessons. Typically these lessons are interactive videos that teach specific skills/topics.”

Courses also contain quizzes, which quickly help you review and retain the info learned. Then there are the exciting challenges, where you actually create or produce something and complete tasks to practice your new skills. Plus, you earn cool badges for each achievement/mission that you complete.

Master the Fundamentals
Currently three interactive learning experiences are available through DMA Online with more to be added soon:

Fundamentals of Programming
Programming is at the heart of the Tech Revolution, and is considered a valued skill by every modern industry. It’s also easier than you think to start programming. Fundamentals of Programming gets you programming quickly through digital logic games and cool coding exercises.

Fundamentals of Minecraft
There’s no hotter game than Minecraft™, because it’s much more than a game. You build amazing virtual worlds through Minecraft™ and this course lets you hit the ground running. Covered topics include resource packs, Adventure Maps, world files, mods, plug-ins and more. DMA has a special Minecraft™ server to host your course work. Discover how to modify Minecraft™.

Fundamentals of Game Development
Learn how to make video games. DMA Online will get you started creating cool game assets and sample scripts that you can start turning into game levels and stories. Along the way, you’ll pick up overviews of coding with C# and Unity®.

Start Learning Now!
DMA Online is available to registered DMA students and these courses are a great way to prepare for summer. Register for the 2015 summer camp season now.