Smartphones have changed the way that we communicate with others, consume media and learn new things. Thankfully, app developers have been hard at work making productivity apps to help students succeed in school. Whether you need a little help getting organized or are just looking for a more efficient way to study for finals, these are the apps you need to make it through the school year.

 30/30 – Free on iOS


Trying to balance chores and homework can require some planning, and that’s where 30/30 comes in. 30/30 is a time-based task manager that tells you how much time to spend on your each one of your daily duties. So get organized; the clock is ticking.

Brainscape – Free on iOS (In-app purchases)


Study smarter, not harder. Brainscape is a study tool designed to help you learn faster by arranging your flash cards using Confidence-Based Repetition, an algorithm proven to help you absorb knowledge and remember topics longer.

Duolingo – on Android & iOS


Want to learn a language, but have a hard time staying awake in French class? Earn points, level up and race against time with Duolingo. Using micro-sized lessons and games, Duolingo makes learning a second language not only easy, but fun.

EasyBib – Free on Android & iOS


High school is full of essays and research papers. Give yourself a break with EasyBib, a free tool that takes the guesswork out of creating citations and formatting bibliographies.

Google Drive – Free on Android & iOS

Google Drive

Never forget to save your work again. With Google Drive, all of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations save automatically in your personal cloud. Now you can access all of your important files anywhere, whether you are on your smartphone, computer or tablet.


Google Translate – Free on Android & iOS


Whether you are stumped in Spanish class or just forgot how to say, “computer programming” in Japanese, Google Translate is here to help. Packed with the new conversation mode, Google Translate can now convert languages faster than ever.


GroupMe – Free on Android, iOS & Windows Phone


Sometimes the most difficult part of a group project is communicating with your team. Groupme is a messaging app that brings group texting to all smartphones, regardless of operating system. Now you can easily contact everyone you need in one place.


myHomework Student Planner – Free on Android & iOS


Getting organized is tough, especially when balancing seven classes and after-school programs. Luckily, myHomework Student Planner is here to help. Easily input all of your assignments, upcoming exams and activities into your virtual planner and watch as your daily load suddenly becomes a lot more manageable.


TED – Free on Android & iOS


One of the few acceptable forms of procrastination, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is all about people and the ideas that inspire them. With 500 million views in just five years, speakers such as Bill Gates, Edward Snowden, and many others have worked to make people around the world think about the future.


WolframAlpha – $2.99 on Android & iOS


Known as a computational knowledge engine, WolframAlpha gets you the answers you need. Unlike Google, which provides users with a list of webpages that may contain the answers they are looking for, WolframAlpha focuses on only providing you with data that you are looking for. This isn’t the supercomputer from Star Trek, but it’s pretty close.

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