Kids learn important career skills (like programming and robotics) while having lots of fun…at DMA’s tech camps at McGill University!

This summer, kids and teens in the Montreal area are heading to esteemed McGill University to attend the tech camp program of Digital Media Academy.

Just how respected is McGill? It’s often called “the Harvard of Canada,” with a beautiful campus and rich academic history.

DMA campers at McGill are discovering today’s hottest digital arts. And at DMA, discovery comes from doing:

Students learning programming with Java™ and C++. Designing video games. Making apps for iPhone® and Android™. Shooting movies with pro equipment. Building supercool robots. Animating cartoons. Mastering music production. Taking amazing photographs. And so much more. Because DMA is all about hands-on learning.

McGill in a Nutshell
McGill University was founded in 1821 on a 79-acre campus within downtown Montreal’s historic Golden Square neighborhood. The school was named for its founder, a Scottish trader named James McGill. In tribute, McGill’s campus reflects Scottish architecture. In 2012, “Travel + Leisure” magazine selected McGill as one of the world’s 17 most beautiful university campuses.

Here’s more proof that McGill is a place where great things happen:

Extreme Prestige Ranked number one in Canada among all major universities offering medical and doctoral degrees by Maclean’s Rankings. Also has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes scholars in Canada.

Where Sports Began The first college football game in North America was played there (1874, against Harvard). Also, basketball’s inventor, James Naismith, was a McGill grad. McGill hockey players took to the ice in 1877 and wrote the sport’s original rule book. Plus the continent’s first game of rugby was at McGill.

Famous Alumni TV’s Captain Kirk (William Shatner) graduated with an Econ degree. Also, Arcade Fire’s lead singer, Win Butler, earned a degree in Religious Studies. McGill grad student William Chalmers invented Plexiglass, while Physics Department chairman Ernest Rutherford discovered the element Radon there.

McGill University campus
This summer is a fantastic time to spend in Montreal, on one of the world’s most attractive college campuses.

A Chance to Discover Dreams
DMA’s 2015 season at McGill runs from July 6th through July 24th, offering three great weeks of fun and discovery, as students explore their creative passions at the “World’s Best Tech Camp.”

DMA students accomplish goals and create an end project they can carry home to show family and friends (and also include on college applications and internship interviews).

It’s a golden opportunity for creative kids to define career goals and start working on achieving them. That makes DMA a solid investment in your child’s long-range future.

DMA Comes to McGill
DMA camps are grouped according to age, with programs for students as young as 6 and as old as 17. Camps operate from Monday through Friday each day, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And each camper is issued their own Apple workstation that’s dedicated to that student’s project work during the week.

Courses are led by industry experts and noted tech teachers, who use the latest versions of the world’s leading creative software, from industry leaders like Apple and Adobe.

It’s not just any university that gets a shout-out from The Simpsons, but in one episode, Marge Simpson called McGill “the Harvard of Canada.” Turns out Marge was right!

In addition to intense project work, DMA camps provide the right balance of recreational activities and personal time for making friends.

For families with kids attending DMA tech camps at McGill University, it’s a perfect opportunity to set up an unforgettable vacation.

The 2015 camp season is still months away, but camps are filling fast. Register now to secure your kid a place in the camp of their choice.

This summer, send your child to camp at the Harvard of Canada!