Contest winner Daria Purley gets serious about mixing beats in DMA’s Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live course. “This camp experience has taught me skills I will find quite useful in the future.”

This past summer, Digital Media Academy partnered with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus for the “Be a Digital Media Rock Star” competition.

Open to anyone aged 10-17, the contest required the entrants to submit a short video through Instagram explaining why they should win the contest.

And the Winner Is…
Daria Venkova, of Calgary, Alberta (Canada), broke out some heavy rhymes in her Instagram submission. Daria, a talented singer/songwriter who already releases her own songs on iTunes and through YouTube (under her stage name, Daria Purley), ultimately won the exclusive prize package.

Music Talent Meets Tech
As part of Daria’s prize, she got to spend a week at DMA’s University of Toronto Music Camp, all expenses paid. Daria was treated like a real Rock star: After arriving in Toronto, she was met at the airport by a chauffeured limousine that drove her to camp. Several DMA music camps were available to Daria but she picked the Electronic Music Production with Ableton course, which among other things, teaches students how to use Ableton Live to make music. Ableton Live is used by DJs and music producers like Pharell and Daft Punk to create unique sounds and build amazing music tracks.

DMA not only provided Daria hassle-free transportation to the camp, but also provided expert instruction to guide her through Ableton’s features. “The set-up of the program was hard to get used to at first,” she says. “But Steve Lavery was a good instructor. He went slowly through all the steps and by the second day I was getting a pretty good grasp of the program and recording a whole track.”

A week of DMA music production camp? Now that’s a grand prize!

Production Partners
The contest is the latest collaboration with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, which DMA is partnered with to deliver some music and video production camps/courses.

JLETB is a non-profit initiative founded by Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow. JLETB seeks to empower young people by sharing the technology tools that are used to create music and other media, aided by the music and recording technology housed on the Lennon Bus.

Congratulations again to Daria, our lucky winner! And would she recommend DMA to other aspiring music makers?

“Yes, definitely! It’s a great way to learn new techniques and expand your knowledge about song recording.”